Sir, - On looking through your paper of last Thursday, I found a paragraph
that had been got out of another Conservative Paper condemning Pastor
Chiniquy's, and being a Conservative myself and knowing a great many more
Conservatives who uphold Pastor CHINIQUY's work. I enclose a letter which appeared in
the "Belfast Weekly News," May 15th, 1897 (another conservative letter) word
for word. Hoping you will see your way clear to publish it, as it will be
looked for by many. I remain, yours, faithfully,

J. G.


I regret being unable to comply with J. G.'s request. In the first place the
space available this week is limited, and in the second I have neither faith
in this Father CHINIQUY nor belief in the record of his sufferings. There is
just as good authority for all that is said against him as what is said in
his favour, and from this stand point alone I consider the less we have to do
with him, the better, and that every town he visits is the worse of his
presence, since his object is to raise money, and this he does by appealing to
religious prejudices and awakening feelings of hatred and uncharitableness that
are most undesirable in a mixed religious population where mutual toleration
should prevail. ED.



"OBSERVER" - Thanks, but the subject has already been thrashed out.

"THREE BLIND MICE" - Farr too long.

"A MILLOM MAN." - The "Funny Times" is a disgusting publication, I can only
give you the address of a Whitehaven gentleman who, rendered good service in
driving it out of this town. ED.