The following story is clipped from an English paper in India, which circulates it presumably for the development of the loyalty of her Majesty's subjects in India:


"Long years ago the Queen, in the early days of her wedded life, had a tiff with her husband, of the sort that will come about sometimes even between the most loving married couples.


Chagrined and vexed, the prince retired to his room and locked the door.  The queen took the matter quietly for a while, but after the lapse of an hour she went to his door and rapped.


"Albert", said she, "come out". 

"No, I will not," answered the Prince from within, "go away, and leave me alone".


The Royal temper waxed warm at this.  "Sir," she said, "come out at once.  The Queen, whose subject you are, commands you !"


He obeyed immediately.  Entering the room she pointed out a chair.  He sat down in silence.  For a long time nothing was said.  The  Queen was the first to break the silence.


"Albert", she said, "come and kiss me". 

"Does the Queen command?" he asked.


No", she answered throwing her arms about his neck, "the wife begs it."