Last week, the "Workington Free Press" had a lengthy article on the REV.. J.  HODGSON's remark about boggles.  MR. HODGSON has sent the following letter to the Editor of the "Free Press", and we must say that we consider the Editor is bound by every consideration of honour to accept MR. HODGSON's offer.




Mr. Editor, - From your leading article of last week your equanimity of mind seems to have been much disturbed by the subject of boggles.  I propose to test the courage of your opinions and the strength of your convictions on the matter by a simple and business-like offer.  I shall make that offer on the strength of the following extracts from your article: -


1.  "For ever more the Parish Church is haunted and haunted (why not say haunted and haunted and haunted and haunted?) by boggles.  Should anyone express doubt on the matter it will be easy to give the authority of the rev. gentleman, who was an eye-witness.  Coming from such a source no one would have even dreamt of disputing his right to speak of that which he knew, and testify of that he had seen."


2.  "We regret that the rev. gentleman did not enter into fuller particulars, as the subject of boggles is a most interesting one.  What an instructive dissertation he might have given his audience on the distinctive character between church boggles, graveyard boggles, and lonely place boggles."


3.  "The different species of boggles, spectres, and such like 'genus' would have been elucidated, and a "Book of Boggles" might have been published, profitable alike to the church, public, and publisher.  Their revisiting the glimpses of the moon may be made profitable to all."


     Here we have three admissions:  first, that my authority is satisfactory;  second, that the subject is profoundly interesting;  third, that the publication of the information I possess on the subject would be an extremely profitable business speculation, among others to the publisher.

     Now sir, I myself put a much more modest estimate on the saleable value of such matter than you do, but you as an experienced publisher should know better than I.  You evidently thought there was money in the business from the glaring announcement you put on your placard, and the nearly two columns of leading article in heavy leaded type.  That placard was meant to attract customers, and the article was written to sell. 


In the face of these facts and of the statements quoted, I do not see how you can possibly refuse the moderate and reasonable offer I shall make you.  For terms named below, I agree to furnish you with the fullest information I possess on the following points, viz,: -


1.  Old Castle Boggles;  2.  Graveyard Boggles;  3.  Lonely Place Boggles;  4.  Church Boggles.


My terms are moderate and precise, viz.: -


That you pay one guinea, cash down, to be handed over either to the Workington Infirmary or St. Michael's Church Sunday School, as you choose.  On receipt of the acknowledgement of the guinea by either of the above Institutions, I shall forward the information to you by first post.


This offer is genuine and I expect you to accept it.


Yours faithfully,