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It is said that Care once killed a cat.  If Care is out of a job, says a

suburban editor, we know a garden where he can find employment by the week

at good wages.



It is pointed out that if a man sued for a breach of promise were to set up

the defence of temporary insanity, he could certainly prove his case by

reference to old love letters.



The editors of the Atlanta "Consititution" have been addressed by a

correspondent as "gents", and they have withdrawn their opposition to the

practice of carrying concealed weapons.



A Hampshire milkman recently lost ten cows in one night.  The flooring of

the stable gave way, and the cows, which were fastened by halters to

upright posts, were hanged by the neck until dead.



A destructive cloud-burst occurred on Thursday at Wheeling, West Virginia,

causing the loss of seventy lives and doing much damage to property.  Many

bridges were demolished by the flood.



Great damage has been done at Rome by a severe storm, which lasted half an




On Friday morning the following notice was posted at all the Metropolitan

police stations: -


"No meeting shall be allowed to assemble, nor shall any persons be allowed

to deliver a public lecture or public speech in Trafalgar Square, or in any

street or thoroughfare adjoining or leading thereto.


No organised procession shall be allowed to pass along the streets or

thoroughfare adjoining or Trafalgar Square.


These regulation and directions to be continued until further notice.


Signed, CHARLES WARREN, July 18th."