On Wednesday forenoon, two well-laden trains, containing 800 scholars belonging to St. Michael's Parish Church, Marsh Side Mission and New Yard Sunday Schools, left Workington for Keswick.


The St. Michael's children were in charge of REV. T. HACKWORTH, senior curate, and REV. J. HODGSON, junior curate,  MR. W. LEITCH, Sunday School Superintendent, and MR. JOSEPH SUMPTON, secretary.


Those belonging to the Marsh Side were accompanied by MR. J. RODNEY, Superintendent, and MR. H. KIRK had charge of the New Yard scholars.  A large staff of teachers were also in attendance. 


The weather unfortunately was most inclement during the whole of the day.  Upon reaching Keswick, the scholars visited the Fitz Park, after which they had tea in Victoria Hall.  The youngsters were afterward taken to St. John's Schoolroom, where several games were engaged in.  The scholars next went to Fitz Park where they again amused themselves with games.


The excursionists returned home between eight and nine o'clock at night, having enjoyed their outing, notwithstanding that the weather was against them so much.