Early on Saturday morning the body ot THOMAS HANNAH, of Flimby, was found floating in the water.  It was got out and found to be in a comparatively good state of preservation.  It was identified by some of the workmen, and removed in one of the boxes prepared for the purpose to the top of the pit.  It was placed in the joiner's shop, and soon afterwards was identified by some relatives.  HANNAH was aged 25 years, married, with one child.


On Sunday evening three more bodies were reached and got out.  These were identified as ISAAC GASKIN, of Flimby, 42, shiftman, married, three children;  THOMPSON MOORE, Flimby, 25, whipper-in, married, two children;  and  JOHN WILLIAMS, Seaton, 31, hewer, married, three children.


All the four bodies were found very close together, and there was no difficulty in identifying them.


The coroner was communicated with, and after satisfactory evidence of identification had been given, the bodies which were co***ed at the works, were carried to the respective houses of the deceased  prior to interment.


More bodies may be got at any time, nine yet remaining in the mine.





On Saturday an accident occurred at the St. Helen's Colliery to an engineman named GEORGE SOUTHERN, who resides at Flimby.  It appears that SOUTHERN was employed at one of the air engines which is placed in the "eye" for the purpose of drawing coal up the "dip".  In arranging the coil of rope by some means or other, his finger got caught between the rope and the barrel.


While in this position, he accidently touched the valve with his foot, thereby causing the engine to be set in motion, and dragging the unfortunate man underneath the drum.


The shouts of someone near attracted the attention of a man named PARKER WILKINSON, who immediately ran and reversed the engine, after which SOUTHERN was got out, but not before receiving several injuries to his right hand.


Had the engine been a second later in being reversed, in all probability the accident would have been fatal, there being an iron bar placed about six inches from the drum, and to this narrow space SOUTHERN would have been dragged, had it not been for the timely assistance of the man WILKINSON.  The injured limb is being attended to by DR. SPURGIN, of Maryport.