On Monday the quarterly meeting of the representatives of the West Cumberland miners employed under the sliding scale agreement was held at the Coffee Tavern, Maryport.  MR. JOSEPH MARTIN, Aspatria, presided, and there was a full attendance.  MR. A. SHARP (secretary) submitted the accountants' report showing that the average selling price of coal during the months of April, May, and June had been 4s 8.98, per ton.  The joint note of the secretaries stated that the wages of hewers would remain unaltered for the ensuing quarter at five per cent. above the standard.

The report and joint note were adopted, as was also the quarterly balance sheet. 


Much dissatisfaction was expressed in consequence of the delay on the part of the Secretary of State in giving notice, under the 54th section of the Mines Act. to the coalowners to have the special rules amended in accordance with the workman's suggestions.


It was resolved that the Secretary be instructed to write to the member for the Cockermouth Division (SIR W. LAWSON) and request him to ask the Home Secretary when he will be prepared to have the special rules for the colleries in Cumberland revised in accordance with the recommendations of the workmen.


Several local cases were considered and referred to the secretary to be dealt with in the usual way.