Preaching at St. Michael's Parish Room on Sunday evening and referring tothe burned church, the REV. J. HODGSON said " - "A parish church in ruins

becomes a more scandalous disgrace every day it is allowed to remain in

that condition.  We cannot but ask how comes it that our Church is suffered to lie so long in its ashes ?


There are various reasons to account for it, but none very heavy and

substantial.  Some people will not help because the style of architecture

does not suit them.  Some draw back because the tower is not to be

heightened.  Others won't go forward so long as someone else is holding

back.  One stands still because of this, another because of that.


Now I will tell you something.  I have been alone among the ruins of an

ancient Castle, in the darkness and stillness of the night, when there was

nothing to break the silence but the screeching of an owl in the old gray

tower.  I have walked through a graveyard at midnight, at times when ghosts

might be supposed most likely to appear.  I have gone past lonely placeswhich had the reputation of being haunted.


But, I must say this, I never saw anything with so many boggles in it as

our old Parish Church.  It is safe to add that with a little determination

on our part to go forward, and with the right spirit within us, ourdifficulties will disappear like ghosts at the break of day."