On Tuesday the scholars attending the Wesleyan Sunday Schools at William Street, Workington, also at Westfield and Barepot, were afforded their annual outing through the kindness of the teachers and other friends.  The children, numbering upwards of 600, in charge of their teachers and MR. J. PARKER and MR. GREENUP, the superintendents, left Workington Railway Station by the two o'clock train for Brigham Hill, the residence of WILLIAM FLETCHER, Esq., the place selected for the day's outing.  Upon arriving at Brigham Hill, the children engaged in various games, after which they were regaled with tea and cake.

     Unfortunately the weather became very inclement, and the children could not continue their games.  Several of the party arranged with MR. ENTWISTLE for a special train to return to Workington, where they arrived in safety, having enjoyed themselves, but not so fully as they might have done had the weather been more favourable.



On Wednesday about noon, a fire was discovered at the Agricultural Hall, Cockermouth, and the Fire Brigade was called out.  Damage done about L. 400, covered by insurance.



We hope the cricketing fraternity of the district will muster to-day in good force at FORBE's benefit, and give him something decent to remember the 1888 season by.  He has been very popular and has done good work, and we feel sure that the cricketers of this town and county won't do shabby things by him to-day (Saturday).



Workmen are at present engaged in raising the premises in Station road, Workington, formerly occupied as offices for the Cleator and Workington Junction Railway Company.  It is intended to erect two sets of offices and a dwelling house on the site for MESSRS. IREDALE BROTHERS, brewers, and so complete the present block of Commercial Buildings which extends from Station road to Belle Isle-street.  The plans have been prepared by MR. JAMES HOWES, architect, and the following tenders have been let:


Mason work, MR. J. I. WILSON;  slating, MR. JAMES WHITFIELD;  plastering, MR. JAMES JOLLY;  joiner work, MR. JOHN CARRUTHERS;  plumbing, MR. D. M. WALKER;  painting and glazing, MR. J. T. SHERWOOD.


The Commercial Buildings occupy one of the leading positions in the town, and are of a most imposing appearance.