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The French Government is about to build an absolutely unsinkable man-of-war.  This will be accomplished by the use of a product of cocoa-nut fibre, so elastic that if pierced, the hole closes of itself.



SPILT MILK. -Wednesday morning a young man named BELL, met with an accident in Maryport.  At the time of the occurrence he was in charge of a milk cart  belonging to MR. MOFFATT, of Crosby.


Unfortunately he got too near the kerbstone when driving at a somewhat rapid pace, and at the corner of Wood-street and Church-street the cart overturned, spilling about 20 quarts of milk. BELL was carried to his house at Crosby, and attended by DR. CLARK.  He has received a severe shaking and a few bruises, but his injuries are by no means of a serious nature.  The cart is considerably damaged.