On Thursday afternoon, the annual meeting of the above Committee was held at the Local Board Offices, Washington Street.  There were present:  MESSRS. T. PAISLEY (chairman);  P. WEDGEWOOD,  D. RAPLEY,  J. STRAUGHTON,  L. WILSON,  J. MILBURN,  G. J. SMITH,  A. PEILE,  T. BARBOUR,  and  H. HODGSON, with the Clerk, MR. J. MUSGRAVE.




MR. PEILE said he had much pleasure in proposing that MR. JOHN MILBURN be the Chairman for the ensuing  year.  MR. MILBURN had been a member of the Committee for some years and had considerable experience with the affairs of the Committee.  MR. SMIITH seconded the proposition.  MR. WILSON moved as an amendment that MR. PAISLEY be re-elected Chairman.  MR. RAPLEY seconded the amendment.


When the voting was taken the numbers were equal, there being five on either side.  The candidates resorted to the plan of drawing slips of paper, one of them being marked "Chairman"


MR. MILBURN drew a blank, and MR. PAISLEY secured the other which entitled him to the position of Chairman.  The newly elected Chairman thanked the members for his election.




The Chairman mentioned MR. M. FALCON's claim for damage to land on the side of the river immediately below the wear at Crummock Lake and said that MR. FALCON, Stainburn, had claimed L300 as damages.  There would be about 400 yards to repair, and MR. FALCON had promised to indemnify the committee against any further damage  upon payment of the L300.


MR. PEILE moved by the sum of L300 be paid. The Chairman seconded the motion.


MR. STRAUGHTON proposed as an amendment that the matter be adjourned. MR. RAPLEY seconded the amendment.


Upon a vote being taken, the original motion was carried.