On Thursday evening, a meeting of the members of the Workington (Rugby and Association) Football Clubs, was held at the Royal Hotel, William Street, Workington, for the purpose of adopting the balance sheet and committee's report, in connection with the St. Helen's Colliery Disaster Relief Fund.  MR. C. E. SMITH presided.


MR. GEORGE OGLETHORPE, the Honorary Secretary, read the  report and balance sheet.  The gross receipts amount to L118 4s 3d., and included the proceeds of the Preston North End Match, amounting to L64 6s 9d.;  contributions from other clubs amounting to L51 1s 0d.  The expediture amounted to L6 0s 8d, leaving a balance of L112 3s 7d;  a cheque for which amount has been handed to MR. G. GRAHAM, of the Carlisle City and District Bank, on behalf of the St. Helen's Colliery Disaster Relief Fund.  MR. J. WILSON moved, and MR. MCGUINNESS seconded the adoption of the report and balance sheet which was carried unanimously.


On the motion of MR. SKELTON, seconded by MR. FARLAM, a hearty vote of thanks was passed to M. G. OGLETHORPE, and the Committee for their services.  The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks to the CHAIRMAN for presiding.