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Saturday 07 Oct 1843   (p. 3, col. 6-7)



On the 30th ult., Mrs. WATSON, the Fitz, Cockermouth, of a son.

A few days ago, the wife of Richard JONES, a forgeman, of Coseley, was safely delivered of four fine children—three boys and one girl—who are all doing well. The poor man is in very indigent circumstances, he having earned only 9s. per week for the last three months.


At St. John's Episcopal Chapel, Annan, on the 4th instant, by the Right Rev. the Bishop of Glasgow, Thomas SALKELD, Esq., of Holm Hill, Cumberland, to Mary, third daughter of Alexander CARRUTHERS, Esq., of Warmanbie, Dumfriesshire.

At the Superintendant Registrar's Office, Carlisle, on Tuesday, the 3rd instant, Mr. Aron PARTERAGE, of Carlisle, to Miss Catherine HARDMAN, of the same place, dress-maker; on Wednesday, the 4th instant, Mr. George COUCH, of Caldewgate, Carlisle, to Miss Ann MILBURN, of the same place.

At Gretna, on the 28th ult., Mr. James CARLYLE, widower, whitesmith and bell-hanger, to Miss Ann STEEN, spinster, both of Caldcoats—after a long courtship of four days.

At Penrith, on the 4th instant, by the Rev. T. J. CLARK, vicar, Pentyre Anderson MORSHEAD, Esq., Royal Artillery, youngest son of the late Colonel Anderson MORSHEAD, Royal Engineers, and of Widey Court, Devon, to Charlotte, youngest daughter of the late Col. STORY, Royal Artillery.

At Torpenhow, on the 28th ult., Mr. John BLACKSTOCK, of Brayton, to Jane, second daughter of the late Mr. FELL, of Blennerhasset.

At Hexham, on the 2nd instant, by the Rev. Wm. AIREY, Mr. William ANGUS, of Newcastle, to Elizabeth, daughter of the late Oliphant Mc.KANE, draper, of Hexham.

At St. John's Church, Keswick, on Sunday last, Mr. George [ST]RICKLAND, bobbin-turner, to Miss Mary THWAITE, dress-[m]aker, Keswick.

At Crosscannonby, on the 28th ult., Mr. Robert COCKS, of Furnace Mill, Maryport, to Mary, second daughter of Mr. Geo. RAE, surgeon, of the same place.

At Cockermouth, on Sunday, Mr. John FLETCHER, tin plate worker, to Miss Margaret POSTLETHWAITE.

At Whitehaven, on Sunday last, Mr. Daniel PHILIPS, mariner, to Mrs. Mary Ann JEFFERSON.

At Bowness Church, Windermere, on Monday last, Mr. John BARROW, husbandman, to Miss Jane SPARK, both of Bowness.

At Sedbergh, on Saturday last, Mr. Isaac HUNTER, of Ambleside, to Miss Mary SHARP, of Sedbergh.

At Lancaster, on Monday week, Mr. Robt. ATKINSON, joiner, of that town, to Miss Letitia HARTLEY, of Overton, near Lancaster; on Tuesday, Thomas, fourth son of Mr. Wm. MALLEY, to Sarah, second daughter of Mr. Thomas BAYNES, all of Lancaster.

At Beetham Church, on Thursday week, Mr. Wm. MEEK, of Kendal, to Miss Ruth HERDSON, of Dallam Tower.

In the parish church of Ockley, Surrey, on Thursday week, in the presence of several of the relatives of both families, by the Rev. John COOK, the Right Hon. Lord Abinger, to Mrs. Henry John RIDLEY, daughter of the late Lee Steere STEERE, Esq., of Jayes, in the county of Surrey. After the nuptials a sumptuous dejeuner was given at Jayes, to the bridal party, after which his Lordship and Lady Abinger set out for the continent.

At Doonpark Cottage, Kirkpatrick-Durham, on the 26th ult., by the Rev. Mr. JENKINS, of Castle-Douglas, Mr. John DOUGLAS, late farmer in Trudal, to Miss Barbara RAE, Carse of Kirkpatrick. The gallant bridegroom carries with spirit the burden of 81 years, and his lady is 22.



In Abbey Street, on the 5th instant, Mrs. Susanna HODGSON, aged 78 years.

In Sowerby Street, Botchergate, on Monday last, Mrs. Margaret M'VAY, widow, aged 58 years.

In Crosby Street, on Sunday last, David, only son of Mr. David BAXTER, aged two years.

In St. Mary's Workhouse, on the 4th instant, Mrs. Mary TOPPING, aged 50 years.

In Willow Holme, on the 4th inst., Mr. John LAWSON, aged 65 years.

At Liverpool, on Monday, the 2nd instant, after a long and painful illness, borne with Christian resignation, Mary, wife of Mr. James IRVING, and second daughter of Mrs. Mary CRONE, of Stanwix, aged 28 years; much and deservedly esteemed by a large circle of friends.

At his house in Shield Field, Newcastle, on the 1st instant, aged 59, Christopher LIDDELL, Esq., for many years a highly respected wine merchant and well known in this neighbourhood.

In Liverpool, on Monday, the 2nd instant, Mr. George HETHERINGTON, of Willow Hill, in the parish of Kirklinton, joiner, aged 25 years; just and deservedly respected by his companions and friends.

At Little Bampton, in the parish of Kirkbampton, since our last, Jane, the wife of Mr. Richard HODGSON, aged 34 years—much and deservedly lamented.

At Wigton, on Tuesday last, Mr. George STEWART, aged 77 years—one of the Brethren of the Wigton St. John's Lodge of Freemasons.

At Crookdake Hall, on Thursday, the 28th ult., Mrs. Mary THOMLINSON, aged 52 years—much and deservedly respected by a large circle of friends and acquaintances.

At Staffield, near Kirkoswald, on the 31st August, Ann, relict of Mr. William LAWRENCE, aged 69 years—much and deservedly respected.

At Penrith, on the 27th ult., Mrs. Hannah RIMINGTON, of Castlegate, one of the Society of Friends, in the 79th year of her age—universally esteemed and respected.

At Craggs, in the parish of Westward, on Saturday, the 30th September, Miss Jane PEARSON, in the prime of life—much and sincerely regretted by a large circle of friends and acquaintances.

At Penrith, on the 4th instant, Mr. Joseph COPELAND, aged 65 years.

At Whinnow, on the 8th ult., after a short illness, which was borne with Christian fortitude and resignation, Mr. HUTTON, aged 63—much and deservedly respected by a large circle of relatives and friends.

At Lowdore Inn, near Keswick, on Sunday evening last, Mr. Richard STEPHENSON, formerly of Rydale Hall, aged 73 years.

At Bassenthwaite Hawse, on Saturday last, Mr. John HARRISON, at an advanced age.

At Workington, since our last, Mrs. Mary BROWN, widow, aged 77 years; same place, Hannah, daughter of Mrs. William FURNESS, aged nine years.

At Egremont, on Tuesday last, Samuel, youngest son of the late Mr. William ANDERSON, aged 18 years; same place, on Sunday, Eleanor, daughter of Mrs. Eleanor SHEPHERD, aged two years.

At Whitehaven, last week, Mrs. Isabella DOUGLAS, widow, aged 86 years; since our last, William Hinde, infant son of Mr. John THOMPSON, of West Strand; and Thomas, son of Jane GOWAN, 4, Quay Street; on Saturday last, in Peter St., Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Joseph FISHER.

At the Cumberland Iron Ore Office, Whitehaven, on Sunday, Mr. William STEWARD, many years agent for Messrs. R. and A. HILL, Cardiff.

At Radrup, near Alston, on the 2nd inst., Mr. Isaac WATSON, aged 38 years.

At Southsea, on the 4th instant, after a lingering illness, which he bore with exemplary patience, James Dunbar, only son of the late Mr. James STOKES, wine merchant, Portsmouth.

In Dublin, on Friday morning, Mr. Daniel MULCASTER, master of the Bahia Packet, of Whitehaven, aged 50 years.

On the 4th ult., William, son of Mr. James COTTIER, of Whitehaven, who met with a watery grave off Orm's Head, whilst on his passage home from Calcutta on board the ship Jumna, of which he was second mate. The deceased, who was in the 22nd year of his age, was a promising young man and clever sailor, and was universally esteemed by those who knew him.

At Barnes, near London, on the 25th ult., Joseph HODGSON Esq., a native of Torpenhow, in this county, and late of Falmouth, Jamaica, aged 47 years.

At Ulverston, Nancy MASHITER, aged 76 years. The deceased was a very ecceniric [sic] woman: she lived in a state of wretchedness in a house of her own, and on searching her domicile after her death, there were found 44 old guineas, a quantity of silver coin, and an old watch, secreted among some rags in a chest.

In Dublin, on Saturday night week, where he had been stationed for several years, Mr. Matthew GIBSON, supervisor in the Excise, son of the late Mr. Robert GIBSON, of Sandford, Westmoreland, aged 56 years.

DEATH OF MR. WEIPPERT.—An inquest was on Thursday held at the Castle Inn, East Moulsey, on the body of J. T. L. WEIPPERT, who met his death by furiously driving through Bushy Park, on Thursday evening, and coming in collision with another vehicle. It appeared that the accident was entirely attributable to the furious driving of the deceased, as the coachman of the other carriage (which contained three ladies and a youth) did all in his power to get out of the way. One of the witnesses stated, that deceased smelt strongly of wine. The ladies and the lad escaped with slight injuries, although they were all thrown to the ground with great violence. The deceased lingered from the night of the accident until Monday afternoon, in a state of insensibility. Verdict—" Accidental death."—Mr. WEIPPERT was the conductor of the celebrated quadrille band,—the pride of Almacks.

DEATH OF LIEUT.-GENERAL BEEVOR, R.A.—This distinguished artillery officer expired at Ramsgate, on Wednesday week. The deceased served in Flanders in the campaigns of 1793, 1794, and 1795; and in 1801 and 1802 he was actively employed in Egypt, and for his services there he was rewarded with a medal. He subsequently took part in the Peninsular war, particularly in 1808 and the following year, under the gallant General Sir David BAIRD.

DEATH OF GENERAL SIR THOMAS BROWNE, K.C.H.—We have to record the death of the above gallant officer, who expired on Wednesday week, at Knockduffe-house, near Kinsale, at the age of 72 years. The deceased entered the army in 1787, and in his early military career he ably distinguished himself during his services in the Mediterranean and at Gibraltar.