Saturday 18 Feb 1843   (p. 3, col. 6-7)





At St. Mary's Church, on the 13th instant, Mr. Joseph SWAN to Miss Ann BURGESS; on the 16th, Mr. John CLARK to Miss Catherine

SNOWDEN; same day, Mr. John NOBLE to Miss Susannah Mc. ALLISTER. 


At the Catholic Chapel, Carlisle, by the Rev. Jos. MARSHALL, Mr. William STUBBS, hat manufacturer, Carlisle, to Catherine Emma

HAMILTON, youngest daughter of Mr. Phillip HAMILTON, draper, Great Corby. 


At Clifton, near Penrith, on Saturday last, by the Rev. Michael DAND, B.D., Rector, Mr. Joseph WALKER, master of the grammar school,

to Miss Elizabeth WINTER, of same place. 


At Wigton, on the 4th instant, Mr. Joseph MOOR, slater, to Miss Martha BARNES; on the 9th, Mr. James SCOTT, miller, of Abbey

Lanercost, to Miss Mary Ann SATTERTHWAITE; on the same day, Mr. William CHAMBERS to Miss Elizabeth HEWITSON; on the 10th, Mr. John

SHANNON, tea dealer, Dornock, Scotland, to Miss Barbara BELL. 


At Crosscannoby, on Saturday last, Mr. Joseph ROBINSON, of Allerby Mill, to Miss Esther SHAW, of Maryport. 


At Alston, on the 16th instant, Mr. George HUTCHINSON to Miss Catharine BARRON; and Mr. Joshua WALTON to Miss Mary DOWSON, all of



At St. James's Chapel, Whitehaven, on Tuesday week, Mr. John KENNEDY, mariner, to Miss Ann TODHUNTER, dress maker, both of



At Whitehaven, on Tuesday week, Mr. Robert CLARK, mariner, to Miss Mary BALLE, daughter of Mr. Archibald BALLE, optician,

King-street; on Thursday week, Mr. David GRAHAM, miner, to Miss Sarah HOSENDOFF. 


At Hensingham, on Saturday last, by the Rev. Amos HALL, A.M., Mr. WAYMAN, miner, to Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. James GARNICK, both

of that village. 


At Kendal, since our last, Mr. George NOBLE to Miss Elizabeth KNOWLES, both of Kendal; same place, Mr. Hugh LANCASTER to Miss

Elizabeth VIPOND, both of that town. 


At Dufton, on Monday week, Mr. Thos. ERRINGTON, of Bongate, Appleby, to Miss R. COATES, of Dufton. 


At Gateshead, on the 8th instant, Mr. Thomas DOUGLAS, postmaster of that place, to Eliza, second daughter of Mr. R. ORTON, formerly

of the Burnt House, Newcastle. 




At the Castle, on the 30th ult., Wm. Marlow, infant son of Dr. CRUICKSHANK, 71st Highlanders. 


In English Street, on Saturday last, Sarah Jane, the infant daughter of Mr. W. RICHARDSON, ironmonger. 


In East Street, Botchergate, on Saturday last, Miss Mary IRVING, aged 14 years. 


At Eden Terrace, on the 12th inst., Richard, the infant son of Mr. Samuel IRVING.


At Little Bampton, on Tuesday, the 14th instant, in the parish of Kirkbampton, Mr. Wm. HENDERSON, formerly of the White Swan Inn,

Carlisle, aged 61 years. 


At Cotehill, on Wednesday last, Mary, daughter of Mr. John WALKER, aged eight years. 


At the Highberries, parish of Scaleby, on the 11th inst., Mr. Thomas BELL, aged 76 years-much and deservedly respected. His remains

were interred at Haltwhistle, in Northumberland, on the 10th instant. [sic]


At Low Lonning, near Brampton, on the 8th instant, Mr. James BELL, aged 66 years. 


At Cambeck Bridge End, near Brampton, on the 12th inst., Mrs. GEDDES, aged 79 years. 


At Wigton, on the 14th instant, Mrs. HEWSON, relict of the late John HEWSON, Esq., of Lessonhall, aged 71 years. 


At Wigton, on the 7th instant, Mrs. Frances MAXWELL, aged 85 years. 


At Woodrow, near Wigton, Mrs. Jane HOLIDAY, aged 77 years-much and desrvedly respected. 


At Welton, Sebergham, on the 31st instant, very suddenly, Mr. John BARKER, yeoman, in his 70th year. He was a strictly honest and

upright man, and his loss is deeply deplored by all who knew him. 


At Netherby Lodge, on Wednesday last, Mr. James SHORE, aged 71 years. 


At Shadwel Crook, Kirkandrews-on-Esk, on Monday last, Mr. Christopher RIDLEY, yeoman. 


At Bowness, on the 16th instant, of consumption, Mr. Thos. LAWSON, aged 16 years. 


At Hope's House, parish of Stapleton, on the 11th instant, Mr. James IRWIN, aged 47 years-much respected. 


At Lancaster, on the 12th instant, very suddenly, Mr. Wm. WRIGHT, fishmonger, aged 68, eldest son of the late Mr. George WRIGHT, and

formerly of Rosetrees, near Longtown. 


At Thornthwaite, on Saturday last, Sarah, the wife of Mr. Banks BOWE, sen., of Lanefoot, in Thornthwaite, near Keswick, advanced in

years; very much respected. 


At Keswick, on Saturday last, Mr. John LANCASTER, jun., sawyer, aged 28, a member of the St. Herbert's Lodge of Odd Fellows,

Keswick, and likewise a member of the brass band of the above order. The deceased was a very steady and industrious young man, and

much respected amongst his acquaintances. 


At Maryport, on the 6th instant, Mrs. Ann ASHBRIDGE, widow of the late Mr. T. ASHBRIDGE, aged 43 years. 


At Maryport, on Sunday, Miss Mary Ann ROGERSON, aged 21; Mr. Robert HUMPHREY, advanced in years. 


At Cockermouth, on Wednesday week, Henry, son of Mr. J. SHARP, aged 10 years; on Friday, John, only son of Mrs. Hannah COULTHARD,

druggist, aged 15 years, a very promising youth, and whose premature death is much regretted by all who knew him; on Saturday, at

the Union Workhouse, Robert JOPSON, tailor, and at the same place, on Sunday, Edward MURPHEY, both formerly of Workington. 


At Workington, since our last, Agnes, wife of Mr. John PARKER, aged 55 years; and John, the infant son of Mr. J. GIBSON. 


At Whitehaven, on Sunday morning last, at his house, in Scotch Street, somewhat suddenly, though he had been in a declining state of

health for many months past, Isaac LITTLEDALE, Esq., in the 72nd year of his age; very highly esteemed. Mr. LITTLEDALE's removal

forms a remarkable feature in the annals of that town, the family whose name he bore being one of the oldest and most respectable of

which it can boast, and the gentlemen whose death we now record is the last male descendant in the town in which his family, we

believe, originated. Whitehaven is consequently now, for the first time for above a century, without a male descendant of the

LITTLEDALE family.-Mr. LITTLEDALE, it will be remembered, was an unsuccessful candidate for the representation of that borough in

the year 1832. 


At Whitehaven, on Wednesday week, David Ellens, son of Mrs. Sarah LEWTHWAITE, in his 13th year; since our last, Dinah, daughter of

Mrs. Mary M'GUIRE, aged 27, New Houses; and Mary, daughter of Mr. Thomas CLARKE, aged five years, New Houses. 


In the Union Work House, Whitehaven, Margaret TYSON, late of Egremont, aged 69 years. 


At Egremont, on Thursday week, Mrs. Mary MITCHELL, relict of the late Mr. John MITCHELL, formerly landlord of the Horse and Groom,

in that town, aged 77 years, deservedly respected. 


At Ulverston, February 6, Fanny, wife of Mr. Wm. LOW, cabinet-maker, aged 46 years; same day, in the Union Workhouse, John CROSSLEY,

aged 63 years; on the 7th, Mary, widow of Mr. Joseph DODD, weaver, aged 69 years; and on the 12th, Mrs. Agnes REDHEAD, widow,

advanced in years.


At Kirkby Lonsdale, on Friday last, John COATES, Esq., late of Ingleton, aged 54 years.


At Kendal, on the 5th inst., Mr. John HANDLEY, aged 31 years, after nineteen days of the most acute suffering.


At Lancaster, on Saturday last, Henry, son of Captain John HOGARTH; aged 25 years; and same day, Ellen, relict of the late Mr. Roger

MITCHELL, aged 84.


At Hexham, on the 12th instant, Edward, infant son of Mr. Thomas DINNING, draper.


At Russell's Street Brewery, Liverpool, on the 9th instant, Mr. Wm. RUSSELL, formerly of Pooley Bridge, Ullswater, aged 33 years.


It is with the deepest regret we record the death, on the 1st current, of George BOYD, Esq., of the long-established, extensively

known, and most respectable publishing firm of Messrs. OLIVER and BOYD, Tweddle Court, Edinburgh. He died intestate, at the early

age of fifty-two or fifty-three, leaving behind him a large fortune. For several years the health of the deceased had been in a

declining state, from some complaint in the throat, that effected more or less his articulation; but neither he himself, nor the

numerous friends whom high professional talent, untiring industry, and fortune had gathered around him, fancied that his latter end

was so near.


In Cleveland Street, Fitzroy Square, London, on the 10th instant, Miss Mary Richmond MAYNE, aged 87.


Sir Thomas H. HESKETH, Bart., expired on Friday last, after a short illness. He only succeeded to the baronetcy in August last, on

the death of his father Sir Thomas Dalrymple HESKETH. The deceased was born in 1799, and married, in 1824, Miss BOMFORD, daughter of

Mr. R. BOMFORD, of Rahanstorm-house, county of Meath.