Saturday 16 Jul 1842   (p. 3, col. 6)



At Wigton, on the 2nd instant, Mrs. R. LAWSON, of a daughter; and on the 6th instant, Mrs. FERGUSON of a daughter.



At St. Mary's Church, since our last, Mr. James ROSS, sergeant of the 34th regiment of foot, to Miss Mary SMITH.

At St. John's Church, Manchester Square, Manchester, on Wednesday, the 29th ult., by special license, Mr. James IRVING, grocer, formerly of Carlisle, to Miss Margaret DALTON, of the North British Volunteer, Deansgate, Manchester.

At the Register Office, Brampton, on Sunday, the 10th inst., Mr. Thomas HAUGH, druggist and grocer, Brampton, to Miss Jane PROUD, of Hardbank-mill, parish of Hayton.

At Cockermouth, on Monday, the 11th inst., Mr. John WOOD, to Miss Mary GORE.

At Crosthwaite Church, Keswick, on Saturday, the 9th inst., Mr. John TURNER, of Hill Top, near Keswick, to Miss Sarah FOLDER, of Keswick.

At Crosscanonby, on Monday, the 11th instant, Mr. W. CREBBIN, to Mrs. Sarah JAMES, both of Maryport.

At Whitehaven, on the 10th instant, Mr. Adam MARTIN, to Miss Mary Ann COOK.

At Pittington Hall-Garth, on the 6th instant, by the Rev. J. CUNDILL, the Rev. John CUNDILL, to Mary, second daughter of the late Capt. PONSONBY, R.N., formerly of Springfield, near Whitehaven.

At St. Mark's Church, Dublin, on Thursday, the 7th instant, Daniel COWMAN, of the Eliza, of Whitehaven, to Maria, youngest daughter of Mr. BRAYTON, of Hunting How, near Whitehaven.

At Hensingham, near Whitehaven, on Tuesday, 5th inst., John WILSON, Esq., of Douglas, Isle of Man, to Mary, only daughter of Mr. R. WILSON, of Hensingham.

At Irton, on Tuesday, the 5th instant, Mr. William VICKERS, of Holm Rook, miller and malster, to Miss Mary COWARD, of the same place.

At Bootle, on Saturday, the 9th instant, Mr. Henry GAITSKELL, of Nook, in Bootle, to Miss Sarah HOUSBY, daughter of Mr. HOUSBY, of Well.

At Morland, on the 2nd instant, Mr. John NEWTON, of Shap, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the late R. WALSH, Esq., of Thrimby.

At Alston Church, on the 14th instant, Mr. Andrew WALTON, of Galligill, to Miss Sarah LIDDLE, of Hay Ring.

At Speen, Berks, on the 2nd instant, John HORROCKS, Esq., son of the late John HORROCKS, Esq., M.P., to Elizabeth Milward, youngest daughter of the late Rev. George WYLD, of Speen.

At St. George's, Hanover Square, the Earl of Desart, M.P., to Lady E. CAMPBELL, third daughter of the Earl of Cawdor.

On Thursday, the 7th instant, at Hatfield-house, the princely seat of the most noble the Marquis of Salisbury, Mr. Alexander Beresford HOPE, youngest son of the Viscountess BERESFORD, to Lady Mildred CECIL, eldest daughter of the distinguished host. The ceremony was performed by the Lord Primate of Ireland —the Marquis givining [sic] the lady away.

The nuptials of the Hon. Captain Frederick W. CHILD VILLIERS, third son of the Earl of Jersey, and Lady Elizabeth Reede GINKLE, daughter of the late sister of the present Earl of Athlone, were celebrated at St. George's Church, Hanover-square, London.

At London, on the 5th instant, at St. James's Westminster, the Rev. Percy GILPIN, M.A., Rector of Elsdon, Northumberland, to Grace Jane, daughter of Edmund TURNER, Esq., M.P., of Truro.

At London, at St. George's, Hanover Square, William Cole BEASLEY, Esq., of Linclon [sic] College, Oxford, and of the Inner Temple, to Emma, eldest daughter of Edmund TURNER, Esq., M.P., of Truro.

A woman, aged one hundred and three years, of Frejenwalde, near Berlin, has just contracted her fourth marriage with a man of sixty! The youthful bride has a son eighty years of age.



On Friday, the 8th instant, at her residence, Houghton Hall, Mrs. FERGUSON, relict of George FERGUSIN, Esq., in the 56th year of her age.

At Dumfries, at the house of her father, on the 5th instant, after a long and severe illness, Marianne, wife of Mr. Joseph GRIERSON, stone-mason, of this city.

At the Carlisle High Brewery, on Wednesday, the 13th inst., John Hudson, son of Mr. Joseph IREDALE, aged six years.

In Castle Street, on Saturday last, Mr. John BROADFOOT, aged 22 years.

In the Three Crowns Lane, English Street, on Saturday, the 9th instant, Eleanor, wife of Mr. John MURRAY, coach driver, aged 40 years.

In Botchergate, on Tuesday last, James, eldest son of Mr. John TURNER, tailor, aged 12 years.

At the House of Recovery, in this city, on Wednesday last, Mrs. BROWNRIG, widow of the late Mr. BROWNRIG, tea dealer, of Kendall, aged 50 years.

At the Wheat Sheaf Inn, Rickergate, on the 4th instant, Miss Sarah RUTHERFORD, aged 84 years.

On Sunday last, at his residence, on the Dalston Road, Mr. Thomas HOLSTEAD, aged 73 years.

At Woodbank, near this city, on Thursday, the 7th instant, Robert, eldest son of Mr. HARRINGTON, in the 19th year of his age.

On the 7th instant, at the house of his brother, in the parish of Elsdon, Northumberland, Christopher HUDSON, M.D., aged 33 years, youngest son of the late Rev. Joseph HUDSON, vicar of Stanwix.

At Guernsey, on the 5th instant, Captain John RAYSON, fomerly of Dalston, and late of her Majesty 83rd Regiment, aged 38 years.

In London, on the 2nd instant, of consumption, aged forty years, Mr. Philip THOMPSON, the only surviving son of the late Mr. Rowland THOMPSON, yeoman, of Scotby, near this city.

At Cumrew, on Sunday, the 10th instant, Mr. Joseph BAILEY, blacksmith, aged 40 years.

At the Wigton Union Workhouse, on the 7th inst., Mrs. E. HADDAN, aged 70 years.

At Wigton, on the 8th instant, Mr. John WALLACE, better known as "Black Wallace," an eccentric, but very quiet and inoffensive character, for many years employed as an Attorney's messenger or bailiff, aged 69 years; at the same place, on the 2nd instant, Mr. William HAMILTON, advanced in years; and on the 8th inst., Mary, his widow.

At Jamaica, on the 7th October last, Mr. T. DIXON, formerly of Egremont.

At Cockermouth, on Tuesday, the 12th instant, Jane, the wife of Mr. Thomas MACKRETH, waller, aged 62 years; at the same place, and on the same day, Mr. George BIRKETT, currier, aged 78 years.

On Wednesday, the 6th instant, at Gilsland Spa, Catherine, the wife of Mr. John AIREY, black-lead-pencil manufacturer, Keswick, aged 76 years—much respected.

At Keswick, on Tuesday, the 5th instant, suddenly, Sarah, the wife of Mr. John SCAMBLER, aged 38 years.

At Applethwaite, near Keswick, on Thursday week, Esther, the daughter of Mr. Stephen GRAVE, of that place, in the 29th year of her age.

At Great Braithwaite, near Keswick, on Tuesday week, Mrs. Agnes HARTLEY, aged 67 years.

At Whitehaven, on Wednesday, the 6th instant, Mrs. PATTERSON, relict of late Mr. PATTERSON, merchant, in the 64th year of her age; at the same place, since our last, Mr. Richard DIXON, aged 45 years.

At Sea, on the 14th of May last, Turner, son of Mr. John LEWTHWAITE, of Ginns, near Whitehaven, aged 21 years. The deceased was washed overboard of the Lightfoot, SIMON, and perished.

On the 5th of January last, aged 40 years, Mr. Joseph FELL, a native of this county, one of the branch pilots of the River Plate, belonging to Buenos Ayres. His death was occasioned by his falling overboard the pilot-boat Hare, of point Indio.

At Moresby, near Whitehaven, on Sunday, the 3rd instant, Mr. Robert SCOTT, aged 83 years.

At Croft-head Cottage, in the parish of Gosforth, on Monday morning, Mr. Daniel Mc.GARRY, tallow-chandler, Whitehaven, aged 54 years.

At Lus Tress Cruisses, where she had gone for the benefit of her health, Anne, the wife of James STEWARD, Esq., merchant, managing partner of the firm of BRISCOE, STEWARD, and Co., of of Monte Vidio, aged 25 years.

At Nenthead, on the 6th instant, Mr. John TEASDALE, aged 33 years; at the same place, on the 8th instant, Mrs. Hannah PATTERSON, aged 91 years.

At Alston Workhouse, on the 8th instant, Mr. Sarah MOORE, aged 84 years.

At Moffat, on the 2nd instant, Isabella JOHNSTON, wife of Mr. Thomas AINSLIE, out-pensioner, Greenwich Hospital.

At Newcastle, on Thursday last, aged 41 years, Sarah, wife of Mr. T. MATTHEWS, engineer, Newcastle.

At Bishopsteignton, Devon, on the 27th ult., Captain Charles GILL, R.N., C.B., an excellent seaman, a brave officer, and an honest friend; and on the 3rd inst., from extreme grief, Mrs. GILL, who was six days a widow of the lamented Captain.

At London, suddenly, aged 51 years, James GRAHAM, Esq., Advocate, Edinburgh, author of "The History of the United States of North America."

At her residence, St. Anne's-hill, near Chertsey, last week, the widow of the late Right Hon. Charles James FOX, in her ninty-fifth year. She has survived her illustrious husband not less than thirty-eight years, he having died on the 13th of September, 1806. In the memoir of the Right Honourable Charles James FOX, it is stated that she was "a widow, it is believed, who for some time had resided in his house at St. Ann's-hill; and whom after a lapse of nearly ten years he acknowledged as his wife."

Last week, at the advanced age of ninety-nine years and six months, a woman in the Old Guard Vennel, Perth. She retained almost all her faculties even to her last breath.

At Pettigo, Ireland, in the one hundreth year of his age, Mr. George ALLINGHAM, sen. The united ages of his mother, grandmother, and great grandmother exceeded 300 years. He lived contemporary with his great grandmother for nearly 20 years.