Saturday 12 Mar 1842   (p. 3, col. 6-7)



At St. Mary's Church, on the 10th instant, Mr. Thomas GRAHAM, of Stanwix, to Miss Jane ROUTLEDGE, of Rickergate.

At Gretna, lately, Mr. Richard COULTHARD, of Irthington, to Miss Alia GOULDING, of Castle Rigg.

At Renwick, on the 5th instant, Mr. Thomas RICHARDSON, of London, to Miss Mary FROST, of Renwick.

At Harrington, on Wednesday last, by the Rev. Peter VON ESSEN, rector, Mr. John SHERIDAN, mariner, Workington, to Miss Mary WILLIAMSON, of Harrington.

At Aspatria, on the 19th ult., Mr. John SHAW, to Miss Elizabeth RAVELL, both of Allerby.

At Crosscanonby, on the 8th instant, Mr. Joseph WILSON, mariner, to Miss Isabella WILSON, both of Maryport.

At Northfield, near Annan, on Tuesday, the 1st instant, by the Rev. James DOBIE, A.M., Mr. George CORSON, of Mar, parish of Durrisdeer, to Janet, eldest daughter of Robert WEILD, Esq.

On the 1st instant, at St. John's Church, Chester, by the Rev. John GAMON, Mr. Henry HARGREAVES, wool merchant, Liverpool, to Mary Jane, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Jonathan PRICE, and niece of John PRICE, Esq., of Boughton, Chester.



In Castle Street, on the 3rd instant, Mrs. ROSS, widow of the late Mr. ROSS, of the New Brewery, aged 69 years.

In Scotch Street, on the 8th instant, Agnes, sister to the above Mr. ROSS, aged 77 years.

In West Tower Street, since our last, Mr. Jonathan MATTHEWS, aged 64 years.

In Duke Street, since our last, Mr. Henry STAINTON, aged 32 years.

Suddenly, in Great Litchfield Street, London, Mrs. Mary BATTY, eldest daughter of Mr. John ATKINSON, formerly manufacturer in this city.

At Lamb Hill, near Scotby, on the 18th ult., Mary, daughter of Mr. William FISHER, aged 12 years.

At Tarnside House, near Wigton, on the 16th ult., Mrs. HODGSON, wife of Mr. John HODGSON, late of Thornby.

At Wigton, on the 2nd instant, Mr. John TELFORD, nailer, aged 72 years; at the same place, on the 3rd instant, Mr. John ROOK, nailer, aged 74 years; also, at the same place, on the 8th instant, John, son of Mr. Robert BEATY, aged four years.

At High Hesket, on the 4th instant, Mr. Joseph NICHOLSON, parish clerk there for many years, in the 83rd year of his age, much and deservedly respected.

At Garthhead, in tbe Parish of Castlecarrock, on the 8th inst., Ann. wife of Mr. Thomas WHARTON, aged 77 years.

At Gamblesby, in the parish of Addingham, on the 3rd inst., Mrs. Hannah HARRISON, aged 68 years; at the same place, on the 5th inst., William DUFTON, yeoman, aged 45 years; also, at the same place, on the 7th instant, Mrs. Mary WINSKELL, aged 80 years.

At Allonby, on the 7th inst., Thomas DICKENSON, aged 75 years, one of the Society of Friends. He was a kind relative, a good neighbour, and his peaceable and examplary life endeared him to all those who had the pleasure of his acquaintance.

At Beckermont Mill, on Sunday last, after a long illness, Miss Sarah CHESTER, third daughter of the late Mr. Isaac CHESTER, aged 26 years.

At Egremont, on Saturday last, Mrs. Sarah BRAGG, aged 77 years.

At Alston, on the 3rd inst., Mrs. Jane PATTINSON, aged 79 years.

At Foreshield, Alston, on the 4th inst., Mr. John BELL, aged 30 years.

At Cockermouth, on Monday week, Mr. George STAGG, aged 66 years.

At Keswick, on Monday week, Mrs. Jane PRESTON, aged 61 years.

At Portaferry, on Monday, the 28th ult., suddenly, Captain William GIBSON, of the Robert, of Harrington, in the 45th year of his age.

At Cockermouth, on Saturday last, Sarah, the wife of Mr. James SCOTT, aged 65 years; at the same place, on Sunday, the 6th instant, Mrs. Dinah ARMSTRONG, formerly of the Apple Tree Inn, aged 85 years; and on the same day, at the Union Workhouse, Mr. Jonathan BROUGH, formerly of Broughton, advanced in years.

At Ellenborough, on the 5th instant, Mrs. Elizabeth LIGHTFOOT, aged 75 years.

At Whitehaven, on Sunday week, Allan, son of Mr. James MONTEITH, shoe-maker, aged five years; at the same place, on the 2nd instant, Ann, wife of Mr. Edward QUIRK, aged 66 years; at the same place, Mrs. Elizabeth TWENTYMAN, widow, aged 69 years; at the same place, on Thursday, the 3rd inst., Frances, wife of Mr. James BOWERS, potter, aged 39 years; also, at the same place, on Sunday last, Mr. Thomas MECKLIN, advanced in years.

In Liverpool, a few days ago, of typhus fever, Mr. Thomas SPENCE, shoe-maker, formerly of Whitehaven, in the 50th year of his age.

At Hensingham, on Monday week, at the great age of 90 years, Mrs. HUMES, widow; at the same place, on Thursday, the 3rd instant, Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. MUNCASTER, sawyer, aged 23 years; also, at the same place, Mrs.MUNCASTER, aged 80 years.

At Kidburngill, in the parish of Arlecdon, Mr. J. DICKINSON, aged 84 years.

At Workington, since our last, Mrs. MOONEY, relict of the late Capt. MOONEY, of Liverpool, in the 36th year of her age; at the same place, Mary, daughter of Mr. Adam WILEY, aged five weeks.

Last week, at Cleator, Mrs. Violet HARKNESS, relict of the late Mr. George HARKNESS, aged 88 years.

At Workington, on Saturday last, after a long and tedious illness, Isabella, second daughter of Michael FALCON, Esq., aged 22 years.

At Hall Court, on the 23rd ult., the Rev. Joseph LOWTHIAN, M.A., aged 79 years. He was Vicar of Thatcham, in Berkshire, for thirty seven years, and formerly Vicar of New Windsor, in that County. He was a native of Sickergill, in this county.

At the Vicarage, Ravenstonedale, on the 26th ult., aged 55 years, the Rev. Thomas MOSS, for some years Incumbent of Ravenstonedale. The deceased was master of the grammar school at Orton for a long series of years.

At the Hill, near Annan, on the 27th ult., Thomas LAIDLAY, formerly parish schoolmaster in the Isle of Bute, in the 89th year of his age.

DEATH OF THE TOWN CLERK OF LONDON.—Mr. WOODTHORPE, the Town Clerk of London, who has held that office for so long a period, died on Thursday, at his own residence in the Guildhall-yard, after a painful and protracted illness. Mr. WOODTHORPE had been a martyr from the gout for many years past, and had latterly suffered from general debility and a breaking up of the constitutional powers. He had long been unable to walk. The immediate cause of dissolution was dropsy. The deceased gentleman had held the office of town-clerk between twenty and thirty years, having succeeded his father, who occupied the same official position for some years before him. The office is one of considerable emolument, and will, it is expected be warmly contested.

DEATH OF COUNTESS SEBASTIANI.—It is with the deepest regret that we receive from our Paris correspondent the melancholy intelligence of the death of this amiable lady, who after suffering for many months from one of the most painful diseases, has sunk into the grave at the very moment the greatest hopes were entertained of her ultimate recovery. Her excellency was more than five years Ambassadress of France at this court, and enjoyed the utmost popularity, not only amongst the corps diplomatique, but also amongst our own nobility.—Morning Post.