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A serious accident occurred to the Brighton Coach on Monday evening as it
was passing Belmont Station, near Sutton, on the journey from Brighton to
London.  When the coach reached the point mentioned, the horses shied at a
tricycle, and the vehicle was overturned, several of the passengers
sustaining serious injuries.  One lady passenger had her leg broken, while
the coachman, named THOROGOOD, was terribly bruised about the face and body.
Other passengers received slight injuries.


SIR STAFFORD NORTHCOTE has addressed the subjoined letter to MR. A. B.
FORWOOD, who sent to him copies of resolutions adopted at a Conservative
meeting held recently in Hope Hall, Liverpool: -

' 30, James-place, S.W., July 15th, 1882.

My dear Sir, - I have to thank you for sending me the resolutions passed at
Hope Hall.  I cannot at this moment enter upon the very grave questions to
which the events in Egypt must give rise.  As regards the other resolutions,
I cordially agree with the in*eting in attributing the present state of
affairs in Ireland very largely to the conduct of the government, and in
condemning the proposed rules of procedure in their present shape.  I remain
faithfully yours,

The MARQUIS OF SALISBURY has also written to MR. FORWOOD acknowledging
receipt of the resolutions.


The St. Petersburgh correspondent of the 'Times' sends the following account
of a sad accident which is said to have occurred last Saturday at Peterhoff,
though he cannot vouch for its absolute truth: -

The Emperor was out walking in the park, and for some reason or other became
interested in the operations of several workmen, or gardeners, who were at
work some distance off.  His Majesty appears to have beckoned to one of the
workmen to come up to him, intending to speak to the man, and perhaps ask
some questions.  The workman noticed the sign, threw down his tool, and ran
towards the Emperor.  When only a step of two from his Majesty's person he
fell dead at the Czar's feet, shot by a sentinel close at hand who had not
seen the Emperor call the man, and who had imperative orders to fire on any
strangers approaching the Emperor.  His Majesty, it is said, helped to lift
up the body, and showed the bitterest grief.  The wife and family of the
unfortunate man are to be thoroughly cared for.