ARABI PASHA is the latest addition to MADAME TUASAUD's collection.

THE GREAT EASTERN DIVIDEND. The Great Eastern Railway Company's Dividend is announced at the rate of 1/2 per cent.

The 'Bacchante',. with the young Princess on board, will arrive at Spithead from the Mediterranean about August 8.

MR. PLIMSOLL has declined the invitation of the Liberals of Plymouth to contest the constituency, on the ground that he is engaged elsewhere.

MR. CAINE intends, when the Army Estimates are brought forward, to move a resolution declaring officers of the army on full pay ineligible to sit in the House of Commons.

The Conservatives of the Western Division of Gloucestershire have invited as their candidate at the next election, LORD EDWARD SOMERSET, fourth son of the DUKE OF BEAUFORT, who has consented to contest the division.

There is to be a great Conservative demonstration on August 7th (Bank Holiday) at the Stoke Edith Park, Herefordshire, the seat of LADY EMILY FOLEY. SIR STAFFORD NORTHCOTE and MR. GIBSON will be the principal speakers.

MR. O'DONNEL AND THE GOVERNMENT. - MR. O'DONNELL, writing to the Dungarvan Commissioners, refers to the Government as "the Coercionists of Ireland and the cowardly assassins of Egypt."
Regarding his fortnight's suspension, he said he deliberately selected the word "infamous" as the most dishonouring word, in order to brand with a suitable term, the most false, treacherous, tyrannical and the most mean abuse of public trust and public authority in any parliamentary assembly.