VESTRY MEETING. - A special meeting of the ratepayers of this township was held in the Board Schools, Aspatria, on Friday evening, the REV. T. W. POWELL presiding. MR. LANGCAKE, of Outgang House, having made an offer of as much land as would widen the Priest's-lane, it was agreed that MR. LANGCAKE's offer be accepted. The second item in the agenda paper was the question of making certain contemplated improvements on Castle Hill, Aspatria.
After a desultory conversation it was understood that the proprietors, MR. BOUCH and MR. WILKINSON, would not stand in the way, and on the motion of MR. ROBERT BELL, seconded by MR. J. DAVIDSON, MR. RITSON, waywarden for this district, was authorised to apply to the Wigton Highway Board for permission to carry out the improvement.

VISIT OF THE EX-ZULU KING TO BRAYTON. - The 'Liverpool Post' says: CETEWAYO and suite left Cape Town on Thursday afternoon on board the Union Company's steamship 'Arab' for this country, so that in all probability the dethroned King will set foot on English soil in about three weeks.
The fact that he is to be the guest of SIR WILFRID LAWSON during a portion of his visit to England is suggestive. Unless CETEWAYO has been belied to an even greater extent than is supposed, he has neither been an ardent teetotaller nor a particularly humane and peaceful king, but he has been dethroned, as many people believe very wrongly, and SIR WILFRID is ready to befriend him in his distress.
It may be safely predicted that when the Border baronet comes to champion CETEWAYO's cause in the House of commons, he will not evoke Tory cheers.