WHITEHAVEN POLICE-COURT. - At the Whitehaven Police-court, yesterday, JOHN TAGGART and JAMES MCCORMICK, labourers, were charged by SUPERINTENDENT BIRD with having obstructed the footpath in Preston-street on Friday. The defendants had left a quantity of timber and bricks lying on the footpath, and this prevented passengers from using it. Defendants pleaded that they had been ordered by their foreman to put the timber and bricks where they had been found. They were each fined 10s. including costs.

HUGH DORAN and PATRICK BUTLE were brought up in custody charged with having stolen from 28 to 30 lbs. of old lead, belonging to JOSEPH SHEPHERD GLAISTER, builder, of Whitehaven. The prisoners were in the employ of the prosecutor, and on Wednesday afternoon POLICE-CONSTABLE ELLIOT saw BUTLER go into some premises in Roper-street, which are being repaired by the prosecutor, and bring out a bag containing something heavy. BUTLER was afterwards joined by the other prisoner in the Market-place, and they went to MRS. WHITE's marine-store. The policeman had followed the men right into the store, and apprehended them when they had the lead on the scale. BUTLER pleaded guilty and was sentenced to fourteen days' imprisonment, and DORAN was discharged. His employer stated that he had been twelve years in his service, and he had never had any charge to bring against him before.

WHITEHAVEN BOARD OF GUARDIANS. - At the weekly meeting of the Whitehaven Board of Guardians yesterday - MR. J. HODGSON presiding - a return was read from MR. HAMILTON showing that on the 14th and 17th inst. two deaths had taken place in Peter-street and Charles-street from typhoid fever; a female was also suffering from typhoid fever in Charles-street, and there was a case at Harris Moor.
MR. AINSWORTH said he would withdraw for the present the notice of motion he had given in reference to the alteration of the police divisions.

WHITEHAVEN MARKET, YESTERDAY. - There was only a small market, consisting of two samples of wheat, which were not sold. Fair demand for oats and barley.