THE WEATHER. - Our Ireby correspondent writes : - The unsettled weather has prohibited haymaking amongst the fells during the last few days. Very heavy rains have fallen; Saturday morning was a complete deluge for several hours. A few farmers have got in their seed grass, but the majority only a small proportion. Most crops are bleached-looking and losing nutrient. During the week rain has fallen more or less heavily each day.

SALE OF FREEHOLD ESTATE. - On Thursday afternoon there was offered for sale, in the King's Arms Room, Wigton, an estate called The Beck, consisting of a house with out-buildings, a water power thrashing machine, and upwards of 250 acres of arable, meadow, and pasture land. MR. E. TELFORD, of Carlisle, was the auctioneer. The property was purchased by MR. FLETCHER, of Cartgate, near Whitehaven, for £9,510. MESSRS. SAUL, of Carlisle, were the solicitors for the vendors.

THE SHIPPING TRADE AT SILLOTH. - The import trade by the Liverpool steamers this week has been much above the average, whilst the exports have fallen rather low. The screw steamer 'Caledonian', plying to Douglas and Dublin, has taken on her two last voyages heavy cargoes and a considerable number of passengers, whilst the cattle brought from Dublin numbered about 370, and were landed in a highly satisfactory condition, and despatched speedily to the different markets.

ACCIDENT AT AIKTON. - An accident, which might have resulted fatally, occurred at Aikton on Friday last, to a boy about seven years of age, named HUNTER. A mare and foal were being brought from the field, when the little fellow stepped behind the foal to drive it up to the mare, and getting too near it, it kicked him in the face, cutting his cheek to the bone. He was at once conveyed to Wigton, and under the careful treatment of DR. TIFFEN is progressing favourably.