BUILDING OPERATIONS AT WORKINGTON. - At the fortnightly meeting of the Cockermouth Rural Sanitary Authority, on Monday, MR. WEATHERSTONE, the Surveyor, produced plan of 17 new cottages to be built at Harrington-road, Workington, for MESSRS. SMITH and MILES.  The plans were approved.

WORKINGTON NEW DOCK. - At a special meeting of the shareholders of the Cleator and Workington Railway Company, held in the Good Templars Hall, Workington, on Friday afternoon last, MR. W. FLETCHER, of Brigham Hill, in the chair, on the proposition of the Chairman, seconded by MR. J. S. AINSWORTH, the formal sanction of the company was given to the bill in respect of certain clauses in which the company was interested.

WORKINGTON DOCK AND HARBOUR BILL. - This bill came before MR. ROBINSON, one of the examiners of the House of Commons, at Westminster, on Monday, for the purpose of complying with further standing orders.  The Bill seeks to empower the trustees of the late EARL OF LONSDALE to construct a new dock and other works in connection with the existing Workington harbour, to raise money for that purpose, and for various purposes.  Formal proof having been given, the Examiner decided that the standing orders have been complied with, and the bill would be reported in due course to the House for the second reading.