Would you like a Suit to wear,
At church, at market, or at fair,
In Styles the newest that are worn,
And which would Royalty adorn,
Or for a Rothschild would be meet ?

Then call at  WILSON'S, Senhouse-street.

The suits he sells are all of wool,
And made to stand the hardest pull.
What though a farmer you may be,
Or though you spend your time at sea,
Suits of Clothes, both good and neat,

You'll buy from WILSON, Senhouse-street.

A working man, with family large,
Can often scarcely meet the charge
Which some engaged in trade do make,
And from his earnings fortunes take.
For cheapness you will find a treat --

The Suits from WILSON, Senhouse-street.

A SUIT he makes for Sovereigns Two,
Which equalled is by very few,
But which he knows none can excel --
A Suit quite fit for any swell.
For Trousers, Coats, or Suits complete,

Just call at WILSON'S, Senhouse-street.

                       J.   W   I   L   S   O   N ,
                   68, SENHOUSE - STREET
                         M A R Y P O R T