NOTICE IS HEREBY Given, that the Trustees for the District and Harbour of
Maryport have drawn out and prepared a full and true Statement and Account
of all Rates and Assessments made, and of all Contracts entered into by
them, and of all Moneys received and expended by them, on account of the
District of Maryport, by virtue of "The Maryport Improvement Acts, 1866 to
1878", from the 26th day of March, 1881, up to the 25th day of March last
past;   and also of all Debts owing by the said Trustees on the 25th of
March;   and that such Statement and Account have been printed, and now lie
at the Office of the said Trustees, ready for the inspection of the
Creditors and Ratepayers, and all other parties interested.

And Notice is Hereby also Given, that, in compliance with the Provisions of
the said Acts, and "The Commissioners' Clauses Act, 1847", therewith
incorporated, the ANNUAL MEETING of the said TRUSTEES will be held in the
HARBOUR OFFICE, in the Town of Maryport, on Tuesday, the First day of AUGUST
next, at Half-past Two o'clock in the Afternoon, for the purpose of finally
EXAMINING and SETTLING the ACCOUNTS of the said Trustees then and there to
be produced.

Dated this 11th day of July, 1882.

       Clerk to the Trustees
           for the district and Harbour of Maryport.