Saturday 14 Dec 1839   (p. 3, col. 6-7)



On the 7th instant, Mr. James STEEL, warper, Botchergate, to Miss Ann TODD.

On the 12th inst., Mr. William TUFF, smith, Halfway-houses, to Miss Esther IRVING, of English Street.

At Stanwix, on Thursday, the 12th instant, by the Rev. Joseph HALIFAX, Bellas MOSES, Esq., of Brampton, to Miss Elizabeth GRAHAM, of Linstock.

At Burgh-by-Sands, on Thursday, the 12th instant, by the Reverend J. LOWRY, Thomas ROME, Esq., of Rockliff House, to Isabella, youngest daughter of the late Robert HODGSON, Esq., of Beaumont.

At Wigton, on Saturday last, Mr. John ROY, to Miss, Hannah PATTINSON; at the same place, on Thursday the 12th ins., Mr. Edward LONG, ironmonger, to Sarah, daughter of the late Mr. BLAIN, of Wigton.

At Bromfield, on Thursday, the 12th instant., Mr. Thomas PATTINSON, of Longmoor, Wigton, to Ann, daughter of Mr. Joseph FIDLER, of Bromefield Hall.

At the Register Office, Penrith, on the 11th ult., Mr. William ATKINSON, of Stainton, to Miss Mary DALTON, of Penrith.

At Cockermouth, on the 9th instant, Mr. Thomas OUSBY, weaver, to Miss Jane THOMPSON.

At St. James's Chapel, Whitehaven, by the Reverend John JENKINS, Capt. M'GRATH, of the Alexander, of Killrush to, Ann, daughter of Mr. Thomas CAILE, deputy harbour master, at Whitehaven.

At St. Nicholas's chapel, Whitehaven, by the Rev. E. WHITE, Capt. WHELAN, of the Ino, to Jane, the only daughter of Mr. BRAGG, of Marlborough street; same place, on Sunday last, Capt. CHRISTOPHER, of the Ann, of Whitehaven, to Miss Jane WRIGHT.

At Trinity chapel, Whitehaven, Mr. L. WILSON, police officer, Liverpool, to Miss SPARKS.

On Saturday last, at Cleator, by the Rev. J. BRUNT, Incumbent, Mr. William ROBINSON, of Whitehaven, painter, to Miss NICHOLSON, of Ratton Row, Arlecdon.

At Crosscanonby, near Maryport, on Thursday week, Mr. James M'MILLAN, to Miss Isabella ROSS, both of the latter place.

On the 30th ult., at Broughton in Furness, by the Reverend Robert PEARSON, B.A., Mr. W. WATSON, joiner, Ambleside, to Mary, daughter of the late Mr. G. NICHOLSON, shoemaker, Broughton.

At Saint John's church, Keswick, on Saturday last, Mr. John SEWARD, carter, to Miss Mary SWINBURN, both of Keswick.



In London Road, on Monday last, Mrs. Esther HOWE, aged 82 years.

At Skinburness, on Thursday week, very suddenly, Mr. John INMAN, late of this city, solicitor, aged 31.

At Stanwix, on Monday morning last, in his 81st year, Mr. James AIKEN, many years a resident at Denton-Holme-Hill, where he was much respected.

At Wigton, on the 4th instant, Miss Mary PARKIN; at the same place, on Monday last, after a short illness, Mr. John MOORE, aged 43.

At Penrith, on the 5th instant, Mr. Robert LAMB, baker, aged 67.

At Cockermouth, on Friday, the 6th instant, Ruth, the youngest daughter of Mr. Jonathan MUSGRAVE, parish clerk, aged 2 years.

At Whitehaven, on Friday night last, after a short indisposition, Mrs. PRODDOW, wife of Mr. PRODDOW, hosier, in the 37th year of her age.

In Liverpool, on Friday week, aged 77 years, Mrs. Isabella HARTLEY, relict of the late Capt. S. HARTLEY, formerly of Whitehaven.

On Wednesday week, at Cleator, Mr. Isaac SOUTHWARD, innkeeper and parish clerk, aged 39.

At Workington, on the 2d instant, Mr. Thomas BARNFATHER, aged 20 years; on Sunday last, Mr. John BANKS, late of Lamplugh, aged 73.

At Thornthwaite, on Friday last, very suddenly, Miss Ann POSTLETHWAITE, dress-maker, aged 37.

At Keswick, on Wednesday week, Mr. Thomas RICHARDSON, chaise-driver, formerly of the Low Door Inn, in Borrowdale, aged 62 years; same place, on Friday last, Mrs. Elizabeth WILSON, aged 28.

At Bunker's Hill, in Trelawney, Island of Jamaica, on the 22d of Sept. last, aged 27, Mr. William TAYLOR, son of the late Mr. William TAYLOR, of Workington.

At Ravenglass, on Saturday week, Mrs. WILSON, wife of Mr. WILSON, innkeeper, aged 36.

At Maryport, on Thursday week, John, son of Mr. Daniel DAWSON, aged 14 years. The deceased was a youth of great promise, and his premature death is a severe stroke to his only surviving parent.

At Ellenborough, near Maryport, on Thursday week, after a short illness, Mr. John IRVING, farmer, aged 45.