Saturday 07 Dec 1839   (p. 3, col. 6)



At Netherhall, on the 3rd inst., the Lady of J. POCKLINGTON, Esq., of a daughter.

Last week, the wife of a labouring man residing at Eston, in Cleveland, was delivered of three fine boys, which are all doing well. The youngsters are to be called Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

At Cambridge, on the 25th ult., the Lady of the Rev. Dr. HODGSON, master of St. Peter's College, of a son.



On Tuesday last, at St. Mary's Church, Mr. Thomas Shields THOMPSON, second son of Mr. James THOMPSON, painter and glazier, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Mr. Robert SEMPLE, grocer, both of this city.

At Gretna, on Thursday, Mr. William MARK, sawyer, with Mr. BELL, timber merchant, to Elizabeth BATEY, widow, of Caldewgate.

At Wigton, on Saturday last, Mr. James RUSSELL, of the Red Dial, to Miss Grace MATTHEWS, of Wigton.

At Springfield, on the 17th of October, Mr. William GRAHAM, ironmonger, to Miss Elizabeth HARKER, dressmaker, both of Longtown.

At Whitehaven, since our last, at Trinity Chapel, by the Rev. T. DALTON, Mr. John SHIELDS, mariner, to Miss Jane JOHNSTON; at the same place, Mr. William BROWN, tanner, to Miss Mary PITBLADE.

On Monday, the 18th ult., at Liverpool, Mr. J. SMITH, of Liverpool, to Hannah, daughter, of Mr. J. BARNES, of Maryport.

At Arlecdon, on Wednesday week, Capt. John PAGEN, of the Wasdale, to Miss Ann FLETCHER, of Hugh House, in the parish of Arlecdon.

At Crosscanonby, on the 28th ult., Mr. J. GREGGINS, to Miss Margaret PICKERING, both of Maryport.

On Saturday last, at Hesket, Mr. Thomas PATTINSON, of Old Town, to Esther, daughter of Michael HERD, Esq., of Robinson House.

At Longmarton, on the 23rd ult., William SPEDDING, Esq. of Brampton, (one of the common council of the borough of Appleby,) to Miss Mary RICHARDSON.

At No.3, Clyde Buildings, Glasgow, John FOX, Esq., M.D., Colismore, County Cavan, Ireland, to Sarah, second daughter of the late John HENDERSON, Esq., Shap, Westmorland.

On Wednesday, the 27th November, at the Parish Church, Preston, by the Reverend R. CARUS WILSON, M.A., vicar, Mr. John Lucas COTTON, Solicitor, of the Grove, Leyland, to Mary, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Robert BUXTON, merchant of that place.



In Scotch Street, on the 5th instant, Margaret, widow of the late Mr. Lancelot HARRISON, gun maker, in the 82 year of her age.

On Saturday week, on Irish Gate Brow, Mr. William GRAHAM, aged 42 years.

In Blackfriars' Street, on Saturday last, Miss Barbara MURRAY, aged 28 years.

In Castle-street, since our last, Mrs. Margaret ROUTLEDGE, aged 78 years.

At the Irish Damside, since our last, Mrs. Ann THOMPSON, aged 43 years.

At Cummersdale, since our last, Mr. Thomas WRIGHT, aged 50 years.

At Cargo, on the 2nd inst., Mrs. Jane HUTCHINSON, aged 65 years, much respected.

At Ivegill, in the parish of Dalston, on Saturday last, aged 54 years, Mr. Joseph BLAIN, yeoman, much respected.

At Brampton, on the 1st instant, Mrs. Dinah BLACKBURN, aged 86 years.

At White Syke, Arthuret, on Saturday last, Mr. John CARRUTHERS, aged 80 years. He was for a long time bailiff to the late and present Sir James GRAHAM.

At Longtown, on Sunday last, George FERGUSON, aged 18 years.

At Welton, on the 28th ult., Henry PORTER, aged 89 years. He has left three sons and three daughters, twenty-six grandchildren, and twenty-two great grand-children. For industry and integrity he has left few equals.

At Wigton, on Friday week, Mrs. Mary FARLAM, aged 80; at the same place, on Wednesday last, Joseph, youngest son of John HOWE, clock and watch maker.

At Eamont Bridge, on the 30th ult., Mr. Joseph ROBINSON, He was 34 years parish clark [sic] of Brougham Nine Churches.

At Penrith, on the 3rd instant, Mr. William BURLINS, aged 70 years.

At Parsonby, in the Parish of Plumbland, on the 26th ult., Mrs. Judith CRONE, aged 85. The deceased was somewhat excentric; she will be well remembered by many, as the discourteous hostess of the Dame Quickly School, of the lonely inn, on the top of Moota, by the Cockermouth road, whose want of complacency was often a source of amusement to the thirsty traveller.

At Hayton Tile Kiln, on the 29th ult., Penelope LIGHTFOOT, aged 73.

At Cockermouth, on the 1st inst., Mr. John WILKSINON [sic], aged 66 years.

At Whitehaven, since our last, Sarah, wife of Mr. W. BOWMAN, aged 37 years.

At Liverpool, on Sunday morning last, at the house of his son, Mr. William CROSBY, late of the firm of CROSBY and FEARON, shoemakers, of Whitehaven, at the great age of 90 years.

On the 28th ult., in Liverpool, aged 76 years, Isabella, relict of the late Mr. Stephen HARTLEY, formerly of Whitehaven, and daughter of the late Mr. THWAITES.

At Harrington on Tuesday week, Mrs. Mary CURREY, widow, aged 67 years.

At Rose Hill, near Harrington, on Tuesday week, very suddenly, Catherine, daughter of Mrs. Catherine JOHNSTON, aged 15 years.

On Friday, the 29th ult., at Haile, near Calderbridge, after a lingering illness of twenty-four weeks, Mr. Thomas HUNTER, aged 29 years.

On Wednesday week, at Yottenfews, Beckermont, Mr. John BATEMAN, yeoman, aged 84 years.

On Friday, the 29th ult., at Cleator, Mr. Richard IRWIN, forgeman, aged 70 years.

On the 22nd ult., at Pennybridge, Mr. John PARK, butcher, aged 54, formerly of Whitehaven.

At Bothel, since our last, Mr. John MANDALL, aged 80.