Saturday 31 Aug 1839   (p. 3, col. 6-7)



 On the 26th instant, at the College, Kirkoswald, the Lady of Timithy [sic] FETHERSTONHAUGH, Esq., of a daughter.



 At St. Cuthbert, on the 26th instant, Mr. Robert HALL, Botchergate, to Miss Jane HAMILTON.

 At Gretna, on the 21st instant, Mr. William Clark COWING, of Carlisle, hair-dresser, to Miss Eleanor KILEY, of Whitehaven.

 At Thursby, on Saturday last, by the Rev. Mr. HUNTLY, Mr. Edward TRIMBLE, tailor, of Curthwaite, to Miss Elizabeth LENNOX, dressmaker, of Thursby.

 At the Scotch Church, Bewcastle, on the 20th instant, by the Rev. James LAIDLAW, Mr. James GRAHAM, of Carrutherstown, parish of Dalton Dumfrieshire, to Miss Agnes LAIDLAW.

 At Crosthwaite Church, Keswick, on Saturday last, Mr. Thomas HILFERTY, labourer, Bassenthwaite, to Miss Sarah SIMPSON, of Cossthwaite, in Borrowdale; and at the same time and place, Mr. Joseph WILKINSON, of Fisher Place, to Miss Grace HAWKRIGG, of Stanah, both of St. John's near Keswick.

 At Whitehaven, on Saturday last, by the Rev. E. WHITE, Captain James M'NEIL, of Maryport, to Mrs. Jane WITHERINGTON, of King-street, Whitehaven, same place, on Sunday, Mr. Patrick HANNAY, sawyer, to Mrs. E. GARDNER, of the Coach and Horses, public-house, Strand-street, Whitehaven; at the same place, on the 23rd instant, by the Rev. John JENKINS, Mr. James KEAN, baker, to Miss Sarah CAVEN; and at the same place, on the 24th instant, by the Rev. Wentworth BIRD, Mr. Gilbert Mackintosh GREENLAW, mason, to Ruth, daughter of the late Mr. Henry WALKER, of Rottington, near Whitehaven.

 At the office of the Superintendent Registrar, in Whitehaven, Mr. James WILSON, of Corkickle, to Miss Mabala COOK, of Raven Hill, near Whitehaven; and at the same place, Mr. William SAWYERS, mariner, to Elizabeth, daughter to Mrs. Hannah PAGE.

 At Crosscannonby, on the 22nd inst., Mr. Robert WILSON to Miss Sarah REAY, both of Maryport.

 On the 19th instant, at St. John's Chapel, Edinburgh, Lewis, second son of Lewis NANNY, Esq., of Hall Meadows, Northumberland, to Maria Catherine, eldest daughter of John GUIRE, Esq., late of Bombay, and neice to Sir Richard WESTMACOTT.

 At Hinchley near London, on the 27th instant, by the Rev. John RAY, Rector of Throcking, Herts, Mr. George MOORE, of the firm of GROUCOCK, CAPASTAKE, and MOORE, Bow Church Yard, to Eliza Hunt, eldest daughter of the late John RAY, Esq.


 On the 24th inst., in the Crescent, Mr. William GATE, architect and builder, aged 47 years.

 In Abbey-Street, since our last, Mr. William WRIGHT, aged 23 years, much and deservidly [sic] respected.

 In Caldewgate, on the 23rd instant, Mr. Edward VIPOND, aged 25 years.

 At Scotby, on Saturday last, Mary Ann, wife of Mr. William BLAGBURN, of this city, aged 35 years.

 In East Street, London, on the 18th inst., Mrs. GRAHAM, late of this city, aged 75 years.

 At Carrolton Green, county of Illinois, North America, on the 1st of April last, Mr. James HOBSON, farmer, aged 73 years. Mr. HOBSON left this neighbourhood about seventeen years ago in very humble circumstances; during his residence in America he accumulated a considerable fortune, and has left to his family an estate of one thousand acres, which by his own industry he has brought to great perfection.

 Since our last, at Workington, John, son of Mr. Fletcher WATSON; and Martha, wife of Joseph HODGSON, aged 43.

 At Keswick, on Saturday last, after a lingering illness, Margaret, the wife of Mr. John FISHER, woollen manufacturer, aged 52 years; same place, on Sunday last, Ann, the wife of Mr. William LAWSON, in the prime of life.

 At Maryport, on the 22nd instant, Mr. Stephen MOORE, aged 75 years.

 At Crosby, near Maryport, on the 18th instant, Mr. Robert TURNER, aged 84 years.

 On Friday week, at his mother's house, Benson-street, Liverpool, after a few days illness, aged 36 years, Mr. George IVISON, third son of the late Mr. Henry IVISON, watchmaker, Carlisle.

 At Whitehaven, on Thursday week, in Tangier-street, Grace, wife of Mr. Anthony BRANTHWAITE, sailmaker, aged 59 years; and at Ginns, Mrs. Sarah LONG, widow, aged 78 years.

 On his passage from Mobile, to Liverpool, on the 26th ult., on board the Shannon, Mr. James MINNOCK, a native of Whitehaven, aged 37 years.

 At Nenthead, near Alston, on the 25th instant., Mr. James SHAW, Surgeon, aged 35 years.

 On the 7th inst., aged 63, Agnes DOCHERTY, wife of Farrah GALLAGHER, weaver, in Prestwich [sic – probably Prestwick]. For a long time past she had experienced a difficulty in swallowing any solid food, and for fifteen weeks previous to the closing up of the passage she was supported on milk and water alone, with occasionally a little whisky made into toddy. The passage closed up completely on the 14th or 15th of June last, and since then no sustenance of any description passed into the stomach, and every attempt to administer nourishment in any other way entirely failed. The sensation of hunger, which was very strong, entirely ceased on the closing up of the passage; and for twenty-three or twenty-four days she continued in that state, free not only from pain, but from any other bodily ailment whatever, the vitality of the body being sustained for that length of time solely by its own internal resources, and that too when these resources had been greatly attenuated and exhausted by the comparative starvation of the five or six months preceding. The only uneasiness felt was a sensation of heat in the throat, which was from time to time allayed by swallowing a mouthful of cold water, which, however, she could never retain beyond a few seconds, when it was thrown up again. This, together with latterly and occasionally moistening of the palms of the hands with water, when she felt inclined to faint, was the only external source from which, and that by absurption merely, it was possible she could receive nourishment for the last three weeks of her life. She all along was in a very happy frame of placid Christian resignation, and it is in compliance with her own humble request that this account is made public.—Ayr Advertiser.