Saturday 06 Jul 1839   (p. 3, col. 7)
At Saint Mary's Church, on Sunday last, Mr. David IRVING, to Misss [sic] Margaret LITTLE; Mr. John M'CUBBIN, moulder, to Miss Hannah Wilson CROSBY; on Monday last, Mr. Joseph GRISSENTHWAITE, to Miss Elizabeth FISHER.
At Saint Cuthbert's Church, on Saturnay [sic] last, Mr. William Graham WELSH, cotton-spinner, Shaddongate, to Miss Ann BEWLEY, of Caldewgate; on Sunday last, Mr. Joseph PICKERING, hat dyer, Botchergate, to Miss Jane BURROW, of the same place.
At Aberdeen, on the 1st instant, by the Rev. John ALLEN, Mr. Thomas DOUGALL, jun., mail guard, to Miss Elizabeth RODFORD, late of Carlisle.
At Wigton, on Saturday last, Mr. Thomas GOULDING, to Miss Margaret STORY, of Wigton.
At the Register Office, Penrith, on the 28th ult., Mr. John MOUNSEY, shoemaker, to Miss Elizabeth BAXTER.
At Penrith, on the 1st instant, Mr. Joseph EDDY, to Miss Elizabeth OGLETHORPE.
At St. Luke's Church, Liverpool, on the 24th instant, by the Reverend James ASPINALL, Mr. Robert THOMAS, to Miss Mary DOWTHWAITE, second daughter of Mr. DOWTHWAITE, Newgate, Cumberland.
At Crosscanonby, on the 22nd ult., Mr. LONGTHWAITE, to Miss Grace DOBIE, both of Maryport.
At the Scotch Church, Workington, on Wednesday last, by the Reverend C. TURNER, Mr. William WILSON, to Miss Hannah BELL, both of that town.
At Saint James's Chapel, Whitehaven, on Tuesday week, by the Reverend John FEARON, B.A., Mr. DOUGLAS, of the firm of WILLIAMS, PARK, and DOUGLAS, iron-merchants, Liverpool, to Elizabeth, second daughter of Mr. Thomas FEARON, painter, Tangier Street; same place, on Saturday last, by the Rev. E. WHITE, Mr. William BENSON, miner, to Miss Isabella DOUGLAS.
At St. Bees, on Sunday last, Captain Richard CURWEN, of the Dasher, of Castletown, to Miss Mary Mc.KINN, of the Ginns.
In the Island of Saint Helena, lately, Edward GULLIVER, Esq., R.N., to Frances, youngest daughter of the late James HALE, Esq., of Sea Cote, near St. Bees.
At Saint Peter's Church, Dublin, on the 25th ult., by the Reverend Dennis BROWNE, Rector of Santry, Richard TUDOR, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, to Sarah, youngest daughter of the late John ROBERTSON, Esq., of Forrest Hill, in the county of Kent, and formerly of Workington, in this county.
At Stuttgart, on the 18th ultimo, Prince William Alexander of Orange, and eldest son of the Prince of Orange, and grandson of the King of the Netherlands, to the Princess Frederica Sophia Matilda, second daughter of the King of Wurtemberg. The young Prince is in his 22d year, and the Princess in her 22d year.
 Saturday 06 Jul 1839   (p. 3, col. 7)
In the Pack Horse Lane, on Sunday last, Mr. Joseph Wardle WALKER, compositor in this office, and late of Lancasrer [sic], aged 47 years.
In Warwick Road, on Monday last, aged eight months, John R. LOWTHIAN, son of Mr. LOWTHIAN, grocer, of this city.
At Penrith, on the 30th ult., Mr. Jonathan THOMPSON, Scaws House, aged 19.
At Blandford, Dorsetshire, on the 22nd of June, the Rev. Dr. WISE, son of the late Mr. John WISE, of Seaville, Abbey Holme. He was possessed of much learning, and many amiable qualities, and his death will be much lamented by his own family.
At Longtown, on Saturday last, Mr. George SCOTT, weaver; at the same place on Tuesday last, Mrs. Mary PAISLEY, widow, and mother of Mr. Joseph PAISLEY, Longtown and Carlisle carrier, aged 76 years.
At Dear-Rudding, in the parish of Greystoke, Jane MARK, at the advanced age of 89 years, one of the Society of Friends, highly and deservedly respected.
At Workington, a few days ago, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. John BELL, in the 60th year of her age, much respected; same place, Mr. Thomas TATE, aged 75 years; and Wm., son of Mr. Wm. EDKIN, aged eight years.
At Egremont, on Friday last, awfully sudden, Mrs. Hannah FLECK, relict of the late Mr. William FLECK, stone mason, aged 71 years. Mrs. FLECK was reaching into a cupboard for something that she wanted, when she fell back, and died instantaneously.
At Whitehaven, since our last, Mrs. Mary KENNEDY, aged 82 years; Mrs. Isabella CONLEY, widow, aged 65 years; in the Workhouse, Mrs. Mary TYSON, widow, formerly publican in Whitehaven, aged 72 years.
In Dublin, on the 25th ult., after a short illness, at the house of his father-in-law, James CHAMBERS, Esq., John TATE, Esq., second son of the late John TATE, Esq., formerly of Whitehaven, aged 61 years.
At his house, Queensberry Street, Dumfries, on the 29th ult., Mr. John BROWN, long an inhabitant of that town, an able mathematician, and most successful teacher. Although long an invalid, the paralysis that deadened the springs of bodily vigour, impaired in no degree his native strength of mind; the school room was his delight till nearly the last; and there are many in every quarter of the globe, who will heave a sigh or drop a tear, when they learn that their early instructor and friend is no more.
At New Zealand, on the 6th of February last, aged 52 years, Captain Thomas NEALE, of the ship Coramandel, of Liverpool, second son of the late Captain William NEALE, of Ulverston—universally respected.