Saturday 29 Jun 1839   (p. 3, col. 7)
At Wigton, on the 19th instant, the lady of Henry BOURNE Esq., of a daughter.
At St. Mary's Church, on the 27th ult., by the Rev. T. JACKSON, Captain LAW, of the Portsmouth division of Royal Mariners, to Sarah, second daughter of the late John BECK, Esq., of this city.
At St. Mary's Church, on Saturday last, Mr. Thomas SKELTON, to Miss Julia BELL; on Sunday, Mr. Thomas NICHOLSON, to Miss Hannah ROOME; Mr. James DUCKWORTH, calico-printer, to Miss Jemima SEWELL; on Tuesday, Mr. James MITCHELL, to Miss Alice JAQUES; on Wednesday, Mr. Oliver JACKSON, to Miss Mary Betty BURNUP.
At Saint Cuthbert's Church, on Saturday last, Mr. Robert KENNEDY, tailor, to Miss Mary HUTCHINSON; on Sunday last, Mr. Robert ELLIOT, painter and glazier, to Miss Jane LAIDLOW, of Harraby.
At Wigton, on Tuesday week, Joseph, eldest son of Mr. WOOD, of Keswick, to Mary, daughter of Mr. DIXON, of Lesson Hall.
At Wigton, on the 23d instant, Mr. John BROWN, calico-printer, to Miss Mary CARRICK; on the same day, Mr. John BURGESS, of Mirehouse, in the parish of Bassenthwaite, to Mrs. Martha IRVING, of Wigton; on the 24th, Mr. William Harkness JOHNSTONE, calico-printer, to Miss Ann HEAD, of Wigton.
At Penrith, on the 27th instant, Mr. Josiah WALKER, to Miss Elizabeth ROBINSON, Cross Keys' Inn.
At Aspatria, on the 15th instant, Mr. Miller TIFFIN, stonemason, to Miss Ann BARNES, of Longnewton.
At Crosthwaite Church, Keswick, on Monday last, Mr. Tolson THWAITE, shoemaker, to Sarah, daughter of Mr. Simeon GRAVE, of Newlands, near Keswick.
At Saint Andrew's Church, Newcastle, lately, Mr. John PEARSON, Queen's Head Inn, Morpeth, to Miss IRVING, of the same place (formerly of Penrith, Cumberland.)
At the Superintendent Registrar's office, Whitehaven, on Tuesday week, Mr. Thomas NEEN, Distington, to Mrs. Jane WILLIAMSON, Moresby.
At St. James's Chapel, Whitehaven, by the Reverend John JENKINS, Mr. William SATTERTHWAITE, of Birkenhead, Cheshire, to Miss Bridget JACKSON, of the same place; Mr. John CINNAMON, nail-maker, to Miss Bridget MARTIN, both of Whitehaven. At St. Nicholas's Church, by the Rev. E. WHITE, Mr. John ROGERS, of Seaton Ironworks, to Mrs. Elizabeth WRIGHT, of Mark Lane, Whitehaven.
Saturday 29 Jun 1839   (p. 3, col. 7)
At Kirklinton Hall, on the 26th instant, in her 87th year, Mrs. PATTINSON, relict of the late Rev. Thomas PATTINSON, who was 58 years Rector of the Parish of Kirklinton, in this county. To all the qualities of a sincere and humble christian, the deceased united the most amiable dispositions, and for the long period of sixty two years Mrs. PATTINSON has resided in Kirklinton, she has endeared herself to all classes of the parishioners, and to a numerous circle of friends, who will long cherish her memory.
In Langcake's Lane, Scotch Street, on the 22nd instant, of consumption, which she bore with christian resignation, Hannah, the youngest daughter of Mr. John ASHBRIDGE, joiner, in her nineteenth year, much respected by all with whom she was acquainted.
In Church Street, on the 27th instant, Jane, wife of Mr. George SCOTT, aged 38 years.
In St. Cuthbert's Lane, on the 23rd instant, Mr. William FULLER, aged 66 years.
At Rickerby, on Tuesday, the 18th instant, Mrs. Margaret WATTERS, aged 63 years.
At Burnriggs, on Tuesday week, after a short illness, Betty, wife of Mr. George MANN, aged 70 years.
At Thursby, on Monday last, after a lingering illness, Mr. John BELL, shoemaker, aged 59 years—much celebrated for his extensive knowledge of history, politics, &c.
At Low Hesket, on Tuesday last, Mr. John PARKER, formerly of Brampton, cabinet-maker, aged 71 years.
At Wigton, on Tuesday week, Fanny, wife of Mr. James FARRELLl, aged 62 years; on the same day, Thomas, son of Mr. James Holmes, aged 24 years.
At Beck Gate, on Tuesday last, Mr. John JACKSON, aged 22. His affable deportment, studious habits, and strict integrity, won him the esteem of a large circle of friends and acquaintances.
At Bramptpn [sic], on the 25th instant, Mrs. Mary JOHNSON, aged 63 years.
At Longtown, on the 20th instant, Robert, son of Mr. Wm. PLENDERLEATH, aged 18. A young man of superior abilities, and highly and deservedly respected.
At Bush Head School House, Kirkandrews-on-Esk, on the 20th instant, Mr. David GRAHAM, aged 23.
At Wigton, on the 23d instant, much and deservedly lamented, T. REED, Esq., aged 61 years.
At Penrith, on the 26th instant, aged 43, Mr. James BROWN, bookseller. The death of this excellent man, after a long and severe illness, cut off in the midst of his days, has produced a deep sensation amongst the inhabitants of the town and neighbourhood, where he was highly respected for his many useful talents, his industry, and probity of character, and beloved by all who knew his amiable disposition. He was most exemplary in all the relations of life, and his death will be long lamented as a loss to society.
At Dockray, Matterdale, on the 22nd instant, Jane, the wife of Mr. Robert JACKSON, formerly of Troutbeck, aged 61, after a painful illness, which she bore with truly christian fortitude and resignation. Her loss will be long lamented.
At Great Salkeld, near Penrith, on the 24th instant, Miss Mary LITTLE, dressmaker, Dockray, Penrith, aged 41.
At the Union Workhouse, Penrith, on the 26th inst., Wm., son of Mr. John SMITH, painter, aged 14.
At Allerby, in the parish of Aspatria, on the 15th instant, Mr. Thomas GRAHAM, yeoman, aged 88—much and deservedly respected through his long life.
At Nook-house, near Raughton Head, on the 19th instant, in her 68th year, Mrs. Margaret ROBINSON, widow.
At Workington, since our last, Mrs. Mary ARMSTRONG, widow, aged 57 years.
At the Black River, Jamaica, on the 14th April, Capt. John BRIGGS, of the Hannah, of Maryport, aged 36 years.
At Rossthwaite, in Borrowdale, near Keswick, on Monday week, Mr. Thomas SIMPSON, aged 55 years. The deceased was one of the unfortunate quarrymen who, a few weeks ago, met with a serious accident in that neighbourhood.
At Whitehaven, on Tuesday week, Frances, wife of Mr. Cornelius CRAINER, aged 64.
At Ellison Place, Newcastle, on the 22nd instant, William, fourth son of Mr. Anthony NICHOL, aged two and a half years.