Saturday 19 Jan 1839   (p. 3, col. 6)


(British Newspaper Archives allege that this page belongs to the edition of 12 Jan 1839 and that the edition of 19 Jan 1839 is missing. In fact what is missing are pages 3 and 4 of 12 Jan 1839 and pages 1 and 2 of 19 Jan 1839. Some of the marriages and deaths listed here clearly occurred after 12 Jan 1839.)




As the Vivid coach was lately passing through Ashburton, on its way to Plymouth, a female passenger on the outside, by the name of Mary HELMERE, a widow of a soldier from Gibraltar, was taken suddenly ill in labour, and desired the coachman to stop at a cottage at the end of Ashburton, on the Plymouth road, where she was no sooner taken off the coach than she was delivered of a female child.— Devonport Telegraph.




At St. Cuthhert's, on the 13th instant, Mr. John BATH, to Miss Jessy PETTIGREW.


At St. Mary's, on the 13th instant, Mr. William CONAWAY, to Miss Jane SCOTT; same day, Mr. Richard JOHNSON, to Miss Margaret REED.


At Cockermouth, on Thursday week, by the Rev. E. FAWCETT, Mr. HODGSON, brewer, to Miss PEARSON,, of the Apple Tree Inn, of that town, and daughter of Mr. Robert PEARSON, of St. Cuthbert's Lane, Carlisle.


On Tuesday last, at the Holy Trinity Church, Hull, by the Rev. J. H. BROMBY, Mr. Robert LIDDLE, late of Burgh-by-Sands, to Caroline, fifth daughter of Richard BOYLE, Esq., West Parade.


At Brampton, on Saturday last, by the Rev. J. TOPPING, Mr. William SEWELL, draper, to Betsy, second daughter of Mr. John RANDLESON, brewer.


At Wigton, on Thursday last, by the Rev. J. IRVING, Mr. Isaac BROWN, to Ruth, second daughter of the late Mr. STANWIX, of Wigton.


At Barton, near Penrith, on Saturday last, Mr. Jos. SMITH, miller, Martindale, to Miss Agnes BURN, of the same place.


At Penrith, Mr. J. ROBINSON, miller, of Eamont Bridge, to Elizabeth DICKINSON, of Clifton.


At Cockermouth, on Monday, Mr. Thomas JACKSON, constable, to Miss Isabella KIRKBRIDE.


At Whitehaven, by the Rev. E. WHITE, Mr. William HUTTON, shoemaker, to Miss Isabella FISHER; same place, Mr. Thomas PAPE, ship carpenter, to Miss Hannah JACKSON.


At Liverpool, on Saturday last, Mr. John EVANS, draper, to Miss Sarah LADYMAN, of Mount Pleasant, and daughter of the late Thomas LADYMAN, of Keswick, in this county.


At Marylebone, on the 2nd instant, Henry Rees PATTINSON, Esq., late of Melmerby-hall, in this county, to Margaret Susannah Maria, widow of Francis JACKSON, Esq., R.N.


At Bolam, in the county of Northumberland, on the 5th instant, the Rev. Andrew CORBETT, rector of South Willingham, in the county of Lincoln, to Marianne, fourth daughter of the late Sir Matthew White RIDLEY, Bart., of Blagdon, in the county of Northumberland.




In West Tower Street, since our last, Mr. John MATTHEWS, aged 86 years.


In St. Cuthhert's Lane, on the 17th instant, Jane, the wife of Mr. Thomas HOWE, joiner, after a long and tedious illness,—much and deservedly lamented by her family.


In Bridge Street, since our last, Mrs. Abigail NOBLE, aged 60 years.


At the Half-way House, leading to Dalston, lately, Mrs. Isabella WAUGH, aged 57 years,—much and deservedly respected.


At Great Corby, on the 8th instant, Mr. Robert BOWMAN, aged 65 years,—much respected.


At Longtown, on Monday last, Mrs. Jane MITCELL HILL [MITCHELHILL according to FreeBMD], aged 85 years.


At Park Nook, in the parish of Lanercost, on the 30th ult., Mr. James ROUNTREE, aged 82 years.


On the 2nd inst., at Cambeck Hill, in the parish of Irthington, Mr. John BOWMAN, aged 77 years. Mr. BOWMAN was a respectable yeoman, sincerely and deservedly esteemed by a large circle of friends and acquaintance: his unbounded charity and hospitality will be long remembered by the poor and destitute in his neighbourhood.


At Oulton, in the parish of Wigton, on the 11th instant, Mr. William HANSON, aged 36 years.


At Wigton, on the 11th inst., after a tedious illness, Peggy, wife of Matthew BARKER, of the Black Swan Inn, aged 39; on Tuesday last, William, son of Mr. Charles SMITH, aged 9 years.


At Skelton, on the 4th instant, Richard Henderson FAINT, son of Mr. George FAINT, farmer, Broomhills, aged seven months.


At Bootle, on the 13th instant, Isabella, the wife of Thomas BIGGINS, aged 75 years.


At Alston, on the 7th instant, Mr. James COOKSON, officer of excise, aged 42 years.


At Keswick, lately, Sarah, the wife of Mr. William BOWNESS, aged 50 years.


At Thornthwaite, near Keswick, on Thursday week, very suddenly, Sarah, wife of T. TWAITE [sic – THWAITE according to GRO index], late of Newlands, near Keswick.


At Cockermouth, on Friday week, Mr. Thomas GLAISTER, butcher, aged 40 years; same place, on Wednesday last, Mary Ann, only daughter of Mr. William JACKSON, of the Spread Eagle Inn.


At Maryport, on the 5th inst., after a tedious illness, Sarah GLAISTER, the daughter of Mrs. COLLINS, in her 15th year.


At Workington, since our last, Mr. John PARKINS, brother of the late Ex-Sheriff PARKINS, and a native of this city, aged 76 years.


At Whitehaven, on Saturday last, after a severe illness of eight days, Mr. William STEELE, shipwright, aged 41 years; Mr. Thomas LOONEY, aged 52; Mrs. Isabella WILSON, aged 66; and Mrs. Nancy GIBSON, aged 82 years.


At Ecclefechan, lately, Catherine NIGHTINGALE, daughter of the late Robert NIGHTINGALE, of Carlisle, aged 20 years. While at her work a stack of corn fell upon her, which was the cause of her death.


At Hexham, on the 6th instant, Mr. John BELL, mason, aged 47 years.


At Temple Sowerby, lately, at the house of her aunt, Miss THOMPSON, Mary RAILTON, in the prime of life,—universally regretted.


At Kendal, on Saturday week, Mrs. Thomasin RICHARDSON, advanced in years, who will long be remembered for her almost boundless charitable gifts. To her, Kendal owes the erection of St. Thomas's Church. She also built and endowed the new Church at Milnthorp. Kendal Castle and lands are understood to be bequeathed by her as an endowment to an educational establishment in North America.


At Badegherry, near Tellicherry, on the Malabar Coast, on the 4th October, Captain Thomas ATKINSON, of the 13th Light Dragoons, second son of the late George ATKINSON, Esq., of Kingston, Jamaica, and Morland, Westmorland.


On Sunday week, at his residence, Lune Bank, after a long illness, W. HOUSEMAN, Esq., one of the justices of the peace for the county of Lancaster, aged 70 years.


At Belfast, lately, Charlotte, sister of James Sheriden KNOWLES, Esq.


On the 8th ult., at Swansea, in her 75th year, Mrs. HUTTON, only surviving sister of the late John Philip KEMBLE, Esq., and Mrs. SIDDONS. As "Ann of Swansea," she was well known to the literary world as the authoress of several novels and poetical productions, which evince that with the name she inherited also the genius that distinguished so many of her talented family.