Saturday 17 Nov 1838   (p. 3, col. 7)




At Hayton Parsonage, on Monday, the 12th instant, Mrs. TOPPIN of a son.


At Annan Secession Church Manse, on the 4th current, Mrs. DOBBIE, of a son.


At Newington Lodge, near Annan, on the 10th current, Mrs. DICKSON, of a daughter.


At St. Leonard's-on-the-Sea, on the 6th instant, Mrs. GOODENOUGH, the Lady of the Dean of Wells, of a son.


At 28, Fullwood's Rents, Holborn, lately, Mrs. CARR, of two female children. The birth of these children is rendered remarkable, by their presenting the same phenomenon as that which distinquished [sic] the Siamese youths.




At St. Mary's Church, on Saturday last, Mr. John GRAHAM, of the parish of Wetheral, to Miss Jane ATKINSON, of this city; on Tuesday last, Mr. John HETHERINGTON, of Maryport, to Miss Mary TWENTYMAN, of this city; on Thursday last, Mr. John SNOWDEN to Miss Catherine MITCHELL.


At Wigton, on Tuesday last, Mr. Henry DIXEN, to Miss Margaret YOUNG; same day, Mr. Clement M'CALL, of the parish of Westward, to Miss Biddy DRAPE.


At Penrith, on Saturday, the 10th instant, Mr. John HOWE, to Miss Ann HUDSON; on the 13th, Mr. Hugh JOHNSTONE, to Miss Isabella ARMSTRONG; on the 14th, Mr. John Colham BUTTERWORTH, to Miss Mary WATSON; on the 15th, Mr. John HORNSBY, to Miss Jane RICKERBY, housemaid, George Inn.


At Springkell, on tbe 6th instant, by the Rev. Geo. HASTIE, Hew D. ELPHINSTONE, Esq., third son of Sir Robert D. F. ELPHINSTONE, Bart., of Logie Elphinstone, to Helen Catherine, youngest daughter of the late Lieutenant-General Sir John HERON MAXWELL, Bart., of Springkell.


Lately, at Bridekirk, by the Rev. H. A. HERVEY, vicar, James Henry STOCKSBOROUGH, to Miss Jane WILSON, both of Stonepot, in the parish of Bridekirk.


At Croscannoby, on the 10th, Mr. Issac JOHNSON, to Isabella SMITH, both of Birkby.


At Whitehaven, since our last, by the Rev. T. DALTON, Mr. James SCOLES, mariner, to Miss Ann CARRICK.


At Cockermouth, on Thursday week, by the Rev. E. FAWCETT, A. M., Mr. James PEIL, to Mrs. SCOTT, widow of the late Mr. Isaac SCOTT, grocer; on Saturday last, Mr. SHEARMAN, schoolmaster, to Mrs. LEATHES, widow of the late Mr. LEATHES, surgeon; on Monday last, Mr. William SWINBURN, weaver, of Goat, near Cockermouth, to Mrs. Mary WILSON; same day, Mr. Joseph MURRAY, husbandman, to Miss I. TREMBLE, both of Setmurthy.


At the Register Office, Cockermouth, on Saturday, the 10th instant, Mr. John FEARON, flax dresser, to Miss Isabella HETHERINGTON; and on Monday, the 12th instant, Thomas ELLWOOD, Flimby, to Ann M'CARTY, of Maryport.


At Dacre, on Saturday, the 27th of October, by the Rev. John STEPHENSON, Mr. Timothy SARGINSON, of Stainton, to Mrs. Betty GOLETHY, of the same place. The happy pair are each above 60 years of age, and were accompanied to church by the father and mother of the "gay lover," who are upwards of eighty years of age each. The gathering together of such juveniles so elated the hearts of the villagers, that on their return from Hymen's alter, they collected together, and greeted the party with "three times three," the firing of guns, &c., wishing them many a happy day together. The bride and bridegroom have each a number of grandchildren.


At Appleby, a few days ago, by the Rev. Joseph MILNER, vicar, Mr. John HARRISON, to Miss Mary ADDISON, both of Colby; same place, on Saturday last, Mr. John SHEPHERD, of Breeks Hall, to Miss Margaret WHARTON, of Burrells Moor.


At St. Michael's, Appleby, Mr. Hugh SPOONER, of Helm, to Miss Margaret RUDD, of Hilton.

Saturday 17 Nov 1838   (p. 3, col. 7)




In Sowerby Street, Botchergate, on Sunday last, Maria, wife of Mr. Richard ROBINSON, musician, aged 46 years.


In the English Damside, Carlisle, on Friday last, Mr. John GRAHAM, aged 75 years.


At St. Mary's Workhouse, on Saturday last, Hugh GLACHAN, aged 76 years.


In Rigg Street, on Friday last, the 9th instant, Mrs. Barbary CONELLY, aged 50 years.


At Stockdalewath, on Saturday last, Isabella MAXWELL, aged 17 years.


At Brampton, on Monday, the 12th instant, Elizabeth, only daughter of the late Mr. J. FORRESTER, of the Commercial Inn, Brampton, aged 21.


At Penrith, on Saturday, the 10th instant, Mr. Joseph ROBINSON, shoemaker, aged 23.


At Brownrigg, Abbey-holm, on the 9th inst., Mr. Robert PEAT, yeoman, aged 82 years.


At Braithwaite, near Keswick, on Wednesday week, Mr. Timothy WALKER, innkeeper.


At Keswick, on Monday last, Ensign John QUAYLE, aged 82. He entered into the military service at the age of 14, first as a drummer, from which he was progressvely [sic] promoted.


At Waverton, on Monday the 12th inst., Mrs. E. EASTON, aged 60 years.


At Dearham, on the 7th inst., Mr. James GADDES, a native of Canobie, in Scotland, aged 36 years.


At Cockermouth, on Friday week, Margaret, wife of Miles BIRKETT, dyer, aged 71 years.


At Whitehaven, on Sunday morning last, Mrs. DAWSON, relict of the late Capt. Robert DAWSON, of the Antigua Packet, at an advanced age; in Church-street, on Tuesday week, Sarah, wife of Capt. Wilson HARPER, aged 38 years; in Lower Church-street, on Thursday week, Mary Ann, wife of Mr. Joseph CONNOR, mariner, aged 45; in High Church-street, on Friday week, Eleanor, wife of Mr. Henry BROWN, shoe-maker, aged 48 years; at Prospect Hill, Charles Mc'NULTY, aged 13 years; and at New-town Mr. Thomas LINDALL, advanced in years.


At Murton, near Appleby, Mr. James COLLIN, aged 40 years.


At Rodger Head, near Appleby, on the 13th instant, Mr. Thomas HORN, aged 76 years.


At Galdenoch, parish of New Luce, on the 6th current, Mr. Thomas WALLACE, farmer, at the advanced age of 92.


At Hesleywell, Hexhamshire, on the 30th ult., aged 90, much respected, Mr. Wm. BOLAM.


At Whitfield Hall, on Friday, the 9th instant, William Henry ORD, Esq., only son of William ORD, Esq., M.P., in the 35th year of his age.


In the Trinity House, Newcastle, on Sunday morning, the 11th instant, Stephen ATKINSON, at the advanced age of 86. He was a member of that respectable fraternity, perhaps the oldest.