Saturday 29 Sep 1838   (p. 3, col. 6-7)




On Monday last, at Ponsonby Hall, near Whitehaven, the Lady of Edward STANLEY, Esq., M.P., of a son.




At St. Mary's, on the 23rd instant, by the Rev. Mr. YARKER, Mr. Joseph PEARSON, to Hannah, only daughter of Mr. William HUNTON, of this city.


At Westward, on Saturday, the 1st instant, Mr. Thomas HARRISON, of Reathwaite, to Miss Jane SEWELL, of Brocklebank.


At the Friends' Meeting House, Penrith, on Monday last, Mr. John HARRIS, of Darlington, to Miss Mary Ann MASON.


At Crosthwaite Church, Keswick, on Sunday last, Mr. Wm. DIXON, draper, to Miss Ann GILL, second daughter of Mr. Adam GILLl, innkeeper.


At Torpenhow, on the 15th inst., by the Rev. J. THEXTON, A.B., Mr. William CARRUTHERS, to Miss Cicily ANDREWS, both of Kirkland.


At Cockermouth, on Thursday last, by the Rev. E. FAWCETT, A.M., Mr. J. RICHARDSON, jun., to Anne, youngest daughter of Mr. Abraham HETHERINGTON.


At Crosscanonby, on the 20th instant, Mr. Joseph COCKTON, to Miss DILLON, both of Maryport.


At Workington, on Thursday week, by the Rev. Mr. HETHERINGTON, Captain MASON, of Clifton, to Miss PENNY, of Bridgefoot.


At Harrington, on Wednesday week, by the Rev. John CURWEN, rector, Mr. Thomas WILSON, jun., joiner, to Miss Sarah FISHER, of Branthwaite, in the parish of Dean.


At Whitehaven, on the 20th inst., Mr. Wm. DARNLEY, officer of customs at that port, to Miss Jane HANNAH; same day, Mr. Michael SHEELAR, mariner, to Miss Esther GARRETT; same day, Mr. James M'LEAN, mariner, to Miss Mary RICHARDSON; on the 19th, Mr. Thomas Mc.NEALE, mariner, to Mrs. Jane M'CLEAN.


At Liverpool, lately, Mr. John BRENNAN, to Mrs. Sarah JACKSON, widow, both of Whitehaven.


At Gateshead Church, on the 27th instant, Mr. John LAW, of Trewitt House, Northumberland, to Ann, only daughter of the late R. HASWELL, Summer-hill Terrace, Newcastle.


On the 19th inst., at the Friends' Meeting House, Mount-street, Manchester, Edward CORBETT, architect, son of Matthew CORBETT, of Pendleton, to Margaret, daughter of Christopher BENTHAM, of Liverpool.

Saturday 29 Sep 1838   (p. 3, col. 6-7)




In St. Cuthbert's Lane, on Monday last, Robert ARMSTRONG, iron moulder, aged 25 years.


On Saturday week, George, son of Mr. James BELL, innkeeper, Peascod's Lane, who died in consequence of a severe, but accidentally, scald on the previous Saturday, aged 2 years.


On the 20th instant, near Exeter, Alfred James FORD, Esq., surgeon, son of the late Town Major FORD, of Carlisle.


At Wigton, on Sunday last, Ann, wife of Mr. Joseph MOORE, slater, aged 68; years same day, Mr. James MARSDEN, chimney sweep, aged 26 years; same day, Miss Mary LINZIE, in the prime of life.


Lately, at the Rectory House, Deal, Kent, in his 73rd year, the Rev. John Barnes BACKHOUSE, M.A., rector of that place, and of Little Chart, in the same county.


At Broomhills, in the parish of St. Mary, on the 15th inst., after a long and painful illness, Ann, the wife of Mr. George FAINT, farmer, aged 30—much lamented.


At Bothel, on the 15th instant, Mrs. Mary HARRINGTON, aged 74 years. The deceased lived for many years successively in the service of the present Archbishop of York, when Bishop of Carlisle; of his successor, the late Dr. GOODENOUGH; and of the Rev. Chancellor FLETCHER, of Dalston, by all of whom she was much esteemed as a faithful and honest servant.


At Penrith, on the 22nd inst., Mrs. Elizabeth RITSON, at the advanced age of 97 years, one of the Society of Friends; same day, Mrs. Elizabeth PENRITH, widow, aged 71 years; 23rd, Elizabeth WARD, aged 14 years; 26th, Mr. William GARLISH, aged 67 years.


At Lazonby, on the 20th ult., Mrs. Mary RAILTON, aged 74,—much and deservedly respected.


At Dunthwaite, near Cockermouth, on Thursday, Mrs. HARRISON, wife of Mr. D. HARRISON.


At Hensingham. on the 18th instant, Mrs. Eleanor TODD, widow, aged 86 years.


At Whitehaven, since our last, Mr. James CRUMWELL, aged 24 years; William, son of Mr. Thomas SLOAN, Market Place, aged 14 years.


At Frizington, on Friday, Mrs. Jane SWINBURNE, widow, formerly of Corkickle, near Whitehaven, aged 75 years.


At High Harrington, on Thursday week, Mrs. Agnes ELLIOT, widow, in the 85th year of her age.


At Workington, lately, Mrs. Sarah HOLLIDAY, widow, aged 65 years; Mr. Wm. NICHOLSON, miner, aged 59 years.


At Winscales, near Workington, last week, Mr. Isaac JAMES, at the advanced age of 93 years.


On the 26th instant, after a short illness, aged 30 years, Mr. Robert DICKINSON, of South Castle-street, Liverpool, printer, youngest son of the late Mr. R. DICKINSON, of Workington.


At Ravenglass, on Saturday week, Robert, eldest son of Mr. CLARK, joiner, aged 25 years.


At Mint Cottage, near Kendal, on Thursday week, Mrs. LONG, aged 68 years, mother of Mrs. James GANDY, of Heaves Lodge.


On the 4th inst., aged 27 years, Joseph DUNN, Esq., surgeon, (son of the late Mr. Thomas DUNN, a native of Longnewton) of Hulme. He was a member of the Duke of Sussex Lodge, 843, of the independent order of Odd Fellows, and of the Working Man's Friend Lodge, 265, of the ancient order of Druids. In him these Societies have lost an active and attentive member, and the poor of his neighbourhood a kind and considerate friend. He was followed to his place of interment by officers of tlie Societies and his numerous friends and acquaintance.—Wheeler's Manchester Chronicle.


At Gateshead, on the 21st instant, after a painful and lingering illness, aged 61, Mr. John COULTHARD. He was of the firm of COOKSON and COULTHARD, of Bill Quay Bottle Works, and in him the workmen hove lost a good master, his family a kind and affectionate parent, and his neighbours and associates a warm and constant friend. In all his business transactions he was distinguished by honour and strict integrity.


On the 12th inst., at Wickhill House, near Bracknell, Berkshire, Lady SEWELL, aged 77, relict of Sir John SEWELL, formerly Judge of the Vice Admiralty Court, Malta, and Alderman of Carlisle.


At his house in Whitehall Yard, London, the Right Hon. Lord Viscount Carrington, in the 86th year of his age.


DEATH OF LORD FARNHAM.—Lord Farnham, better known as Col. BARRY, died a few days since in Paris. His Lordship was in his 71st year; and his death creates a vacancy in the representative peerage of Ireland, as well as in the colonelcy of the Cavan Milita. We hope the latter will be bestowed upon some steady Reformer in that county—the representation of which is at present in the undisputed possession of the Orangemen, of whom the late Lord Farnham was long a chief. For instance, there is Mr. COOTE, of Bellamont Forest, who has on several occasions endeavoured to rescue the county from the grasp of the faction. The late Lord Farnham succeeded to the titles, &c. on the death of his cousin John James, the fourth baron and second earl of Farnham, in July, 1823, at which time the earldom became extinct. He was son of the Bishop of Meath. Lady Farnham, who was Lucy, daughter of the Earl of Annesley, died a few years since. The late lord is succeeded by his only brother, the Rev. James MAXWELL, father of the member tor Cavan, who is now in direct remainder to the title and estates. The celebrated "field of blood," Newtownbarry, forms a principal part of the family estates. [The deceased was John MAXWELL-BARRY, 5th Baron Farnham. His successor was actually his brother Rev. Henry MAXWELL, who died within a month of succeeding to the title.]