Saturday 08 Sep 1838   (p. 3, col. 6-7)




At Styford,. on the 28th ult.. Mrs. BACON GREY, of a son.


At Byam-house, Brighton, on the 24th ult., the Marchioness of Abercorn, of a son. The noble infant is born to the inheritance of Peerages in England, Scotland, and Ireland, and unincumbered estates to the amount of £90,000 per annum.




At St. Cuthbert's, on the 4th instant, the Rev. Joseph TWENTYMAN, to Arabella, daughter of the Rev. J. FAWCETT.


At St. Mary's, on the 1st instant, Mr. John STEWART, to Miss Hannah LITTLE.


At the Register Office, Wigton, on the 1st instant., Mr. Joseph CASS, of Eaglesfield, to Miss Ann BEWLEY, of Abbey, parish of Holm Cultram.


At the Register Office, Penrith, on the 3rd instant, James DRUMMOND, of Preston, currier, to Miss Margaret RIGG, of Penrith.


On Tuesday, the 4th instant, at Plumbland Church, by the Rev. Wm. PATTINSON, curate of Caldbeck, the Rev. Christopher BENSON, B.A., curate of Plumbland, youngest son of the late Rev. John BENSON, M.A., of St. Helen's, Cockermouth, to Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. Thomas WILKINSON, of Plumbland, yeoman.


At Crosscanonby, near Maryport, on Saturday last, Mr. Joseph BROWN, painter, to Miss Ann RAVEN, both of Maryport.


At Workington, lately, Mr. Peter ELLIOT, miner, to Mrs. Ann JOHNSTON, widow; Mr. Wilson KENDALL, shipwright, to Mrs. Sarah COWX, widow.


At Whitehaven, on Sunday last, by the Rev. John JENKINS, Mr. Henry HUNTER, printer, to Ann, only daughter of Mrs. FELL; same day and place, Mr. William MARTIN, mariner, to Miss Julia HODGSON; on Saturday last, Mr. William NICHOLSON, of Hensingham, tea dealer, to Sarah, daughter of the late Mr. Jonathan BELL, formerly of Grasmere; at Holy Trinity, in that town, by the Rev. Thomas DALTON, Mr. Hugh M'KENZIE, sailor, to Miss Catherine CONWAY.


At Clerkhill, on the 3rd instant, John THORBURN, Esq., writer, Dumfries, to Agnes, youngest daughter of the late Thomas THORBURN, Esq.


At Whickham Church, on the 27th inst., Mr. William NOBLE, of Hull, lately editor of the Gateshead Observer, but now conductor of the Hull Advertiser and Observer, to Mary-Frances, second daughter of Mr. George BENNETT, of Fell-side, in the county of Durham.


By Special Licence, on the 30th ult., in St. Barnabas Church, Douglas, Isle of Man, by the Rev. William CARPENTER, Eaglesfield Bradshaw SMITH, Esq., younger, of Blackethouse, Dumfries-shire, to Elizabeth Macdonald, daughter of Norman LOCKHART, Esq., of Tarbrax, Lanarkshire.


At Bedfont, on Tuesday week, Samuel MARTIN, Esq., of the Middle Temple, barrister-at-law, to Fanny, eldest daughter of Sir Frederick POLLOCK, M.P.

 Saturday 08 Sep 1838   (p. 3, col. 6-7)




In Blackfriars' Street, Mrs. Jane PAYNE, aged 56 years.


In Citadel Row, Mrs. Jane LITTLE, aged 74 years.


In Botchergate, Mr. Joseph GILLMOOR, spinner, aged 52 years.


In the King's Arms Lane, Mrs. Jane SNOWDEN, aged 60 years.


In Backhouse's Walk, since our last, Miss Agnes STEWART, aged 22 years.


In Abbey Street, on the 2nd instant, Miss Mary THOMPSON, aged 32 years; her kind and amiable disposition endeared her to all with whom she was acquainted.


At the Durham Ox Inn, Rickergate, on the 4th inst., Ann, wife of Mr. George BELL, aged 37 years.


In Crosby Street, on the 3rd inst., Mr. James STEEL, aged 36 years.


On the Irish Brow, on the 6th instant, Margaret HAYTON, aged 32 years.


On the 4th instant, Edward RISING, of the 81st Regiment of Foot, aged 26 years.


At Trinity Buildings, on the 3rd inst., John LAZONBY, aged 27 years.


On Friday last, at Holling Bush, parish of Kirkbampton, Mr. William HODGSON, yeoman, aged 72 years.


At Mangenella, in the island of Cuba, on board the barque Fortland, on Sunday, the 24th June, Mr. John RITSON, late of Carlisle, aged 43 years.


At Aikhead, in the parish of Wigton, on Tuesday last, Isaac son of Mr. George PEAT, aged 20 years.


At Penrith, on the 2nd inst., Mrs. Ann FAWCETT, aged 35; 6th, Mrs. Ann SHIELDS, aged 72 years.


At Alston, on the 2nd instant, aged 24 years, Miss Diana BLAND, daughter of Mrs. BLAND, of the Crown Inn.


At Whitehaven, lately, Mary, wife of Mr. Monkhouse NICHOLSON, aged 64 years; Mr. Dennis GRASSGROVE, aged 61 years; Mr. John BELL, aged 63 years.


On Tuesday last, at Snellings, near Egremont, Mr. Thomas WILSON, yeoman, aged 55 years, much respected. Mr. W. was a skilful agriculturist, and some years ago obtained the silver cup given by the Workington Agricultural Society for the best managed farm.


On Friday sennight, at Harrington, Mrs. Ann WEARE, widow, aged 57 years.


On the 26th ultimo, at Bayswater Terrace, London, aged 41 years, after a few days illness, to the great grief of a numerous circle of friends and acquaintances, Mary Ann, wife of William HALL, Esq., and daughter of the Rev. H. A. HERVEY, vicar of Bridekirk, in this county.


On Friday last, at Broom, in the parish of Gosforth, Mr. Daniel JACKSON, a respectable yeoman, aged 91 years.


At Newbarns, in the parish of Dalton, lately, aged 64, Mary, wife of Mr. John BROCKLEBANK, yeoman, late of Mid Town, in this county.


At Old Park, near Dalton, Mr. James BOLTON, yeoman, aged 74 years.


At Liverpool, on Friday, the 24th ult., after a few days' illness, Mr. John MARSHALL, formerly of Workington, aged 57 years.


At Appleby, lately, Mr. William NICHOL, aged 27 years, for some time gardener at Lambton Castle, where he gained the respect of all connected with that establishment; same place, Edith Agnes, the daughter of the Rev. John RICHARDSON, master of the Grammar School.


Lately, at Warcop, Mary, wife of Mr. James ATKINSON, in the prime of life.


DEATH OF THE COUNTESS OF ABINGDON.—Her ladyship died at the house of the noble Earl in Eaton-Square, London, on the 28th ult.


At Singapore, on the 21st April, Mary, wife of William Maxwell DIROM, Esq., Bengal Civil Service.


At his residence Oriel-lodge, Cheltenham, on the 25th ult., after a lingering illness, the Earl of Annesley. His late Lordship was Viscount Glerawley, county Fermanagh, and Baron Annesley, of Castle-Wellan, county Down, in the Irish peerage. He was born on the 16th of July, 1772, and succeeded his father, second Earl, the 9th of November, 1824. His Lordship was married twice, first to Lady Isabella ST. LAWRENCE, daughter of the second Earl Howth. This marriage was dissolved  by act of Parliament in 1820, and her Ladyship died in April, 1827. On the 15th of July, 1828, his Lonlshipwas married to Miss Priscilla C. MOORE, daughter of Mr. Hugh MOORE, by whom he has left issue seven children, including Viscount Castle Wellan, now Earl of Annesley, who is in his 9th year, having been born the 21st of February, 1830.


At his seat, in North Wales, on Sunday morning week, being taken ill on the Friday previously, Sir John NICHOLL, the learned judge who for so many years presided over the Arches, the Prerogative, and subsequently over the Admiralty Court of England. He died without the least pain, and in the full possession of his faculties, at a very advanced age.


On Tuesday week, at Huntingdon, suddenly, General ONSLOW. At the conclusion of an archery fete at Castle Hill House, the late Genera! attended the dinner, immediately after which he complained of a pain in his head. He then proceeded to the nearest surgeon, who conducted him to his drawing-room, for the purpose of giving him a cup of coffee, when the General, on seating himself in an easy chair, fell back, and almost instantaneously expired. The late General was in the 69th year of his age.


On the 9th ult., in Perth, at the age of 82 years, Mrs. MACDONALD, the last surviving daughter of the famous Neil GOW. She had attained to an age of two years beyond that of her celebrated father, Neil having died in his 80th year.


On the 4th ult., at Brawlbin, in this county, at the patriarchal age of 108, Mr. Donald M'KAY, of Crombach. The deceased served in the Reay militia so far back as the year 1745, the memorable one of the rebellion, and was one of those engaged in the capture of the money which had been forwarded from the continent for the use of the unfortunate Prince Charles STUART. The old man had a store of anecdotes relative to the history of the eventful period alluded to, as also of many remarkable individuals who then figured in the scene of action. M'KAY was the intimate friend of the celebrated Rob DOUN, the bard of Lord Reay's country, whose political effusions were held by him in much estimation, and some of whose favourite songs he was in the habit of chanting until within a few days of his death. He was a man of exceedingly sober habits, having been rarely or ever known to indulge in ardent spirits. During the latter part of his life he was employed in selling cattle and horses, and visited the Beauley market for this purpose so late as the year 1832.—John O'Groat Journal.