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Saturday 18 Aug 1838   (p. 3, col. 6-7)




At Crewe, near Farndon, on Saturday, the 4th instant, the wife of Charles CHALONER, gardener, of three children, who, with the mother, are doing well. Previous to the above birth she had ten children living.




At St. Mary's Church, on the 6th instant, Mr. James CONOLLY to Miss Eleanor M'DINE.


At Cockermouth, on the 16th instant, by the Rev. Edward FAWCETT, Mr. Adnan [sic – should be Adrian according to FreeBMD] LOWE, jun., of Liverpool, to Jane, only daughter of Mr. William CAPE, of Cockermouth.


At Gosforth, on Thursday, the 2d instant, Mr. Thomas ANTROBUS, of Liverpool, to Miss MYERS, eldest daughter of the late William Moore MYERS, Esq., Lingbank, Gosforth, in this county.


At Saint Nicholas's Chapel, Whitehaven, since our last, Mr. John FARRER, stone mason, to Miss KNEALE, of Lowther Street.


At Whitehaven, on Tuesday week, Mr. T. COOPER, mariner, to Miss Jane PURDY; and at the same place, on Saturday, Mr. W. DOUGLAS, sawyer, to Miss E. SPENCE.


At Kirk Marown, on the 15th instant, Mr. Edward HUGHES, of Manchester, to Miss QUAYLE, of Crosby, Isle of Man.


At Trinity Church, Regent's Park, London, on Wednesday week, Lord Thomas CECIL, brother to the Marquis of Exeter, to Lady Sophia LENNOX, youngest daughter of the Dowager Duchess of Richmond, and sister of the present Duke.


At All Soul's Church, Marylebone, London, on Thursday week, the Hon. Charles PONSONBY, M.P., son of Lord and Lady de Mauley, to the Hon. Maria PONSONBY, fourth daughter of Viscount Duncannon.

 Saturday 18 Aug 1838   (p. 3, col. 6-7)




In Lowther Street, on Tuesday morning, the 14th instant, in her sixteenth year, Alice, fourth daughter of Thomas REEVES, Esq. Her untimely death is a severe affliction to her parents and family, by whom she was much and deservedly beloved, for her many amiable and endearing qualities.


In Finkle Street, on the 8th instant, Mr. John WILSON, Finkle Street, aged 65 years.


At Beaumont, on the 30th ult., Mr. William GRIERSON, labourer, aged 39 years.


At Burgh-by-Sands, on the 30th ult., Jane Mark, daughter of Mr. John RICKERBY, yeoman, aged five years.


At Anthorn, in the parish of Bowness, on the 29th ult., Mr. William SKELTON, yeoman, aged 75 years; a person highly respected through life, as an upright honest man.


At Brocklebank, on Tuesday last, after a short illness, Robert, son of Mr. John MARK, in his 19th year.


At Nether-row, in the parish of Caldbeck, on the 11th inst., Mr. Joseph RICHARDSON, aged 46 years.


At Brackenheads, on the 11th instant, John, son of Mr. J. HORNSBY, aged 19 years.


On the 12th instant, in the 77th year of his age, John WILSON, Esquire, of Shotley Hall, in the County of Northumberland, and of Nent Hall, in this County.


At Penrith, on the 11th instant, Mrs. Ann NELSON, widow, aged 63 years; on the 14th, Mr. John STEPHENSON, joiner, aged 81 years.


At Longwathby, near Penrith, on the 12th instant, Mr. William LAMB, yeoman, aged 87 years.


At Midfield, near Orton, Westmorland, on the 8th instant, Captain WILSON.


At Whitehaven, on Monday last, Mrs. Margaret WATTS, a maiden lady, in the 61st year of her age.


At Ginns, since our last, Mr. Shannon JOHNSTONE, aged 22 years.


At Workington, since our last, Mrs. Isabella MITCHELL, widow, aged 86 years.


At Tallentire, since our last, Mr. RITSON.


At Mossergate, on the 9th instant, in the parish of Brigham, Mrs. Sarah EWART, aged 37, wife of Mr. Harriman EWART.


At Appleby, on the 1st instant, Mr. Isaac SEWELL, cooper, aged 32 years. Being one of the bell-ringers at the parish church, after his interment a muffled peal was rung.


At Bongate, Appleby, on the 12th instant, Mary, the wife of Mr. John ION, in the prime of life.


At Kirbythore, on the 12th instant, Mrs. Jane HAMILTON, widow, aged 81 years.


At Bowness, Windermere, on Friday week, Lieutenant T. W. MOFFETT, R.N. of Kendal, aged 45.


At his house, in Moray place, Edinburgh, on Friday week, in the 82nd year of his age, that venerable and learned gentleman, Baron HUME. He had filled various important situations with great ability, having been successively Sheriff of Berwickshire and of West Lothian, Professor of Scots Law in the University, and one of the Barons of Exchequer, which latter office he held till tbe abolition of the Court in 1830.


In Clifford Street, London, on the 4th instant, William SOWERBY, Esq., of Putteridge Bury, and of Dalston Hall, in this County, aged 61.


In London, on Tuesday week, Mr. John GRAHAM, upholsterer and carpet-manufacturer, High Holborn, and brother of Mr. GRAHAM, of Cubby Hill, in this County.


At Nottingham, recently, from mortification of the tongue, occasioned by the prick of a needle which she had in her mouth, Mrs. Anne HIGHMAN.


At Low Hill, Liverpool, lately, where she had resided for nearly a century, in the 112th year of her age, Mrs. Ann WALL. She was born June 29th, 1747; she has therefore lived during the reign of five sovereigns of England. She possessed a communicative disposition to the close of life.


At New York, in the 60th year of his age, Peter IRVING, Esquire, brother of Washington IRVING, and Mrs. VAN WART, of Birmingham.


At Warren, Tennessee, America, lately, aged 102, a veteran named Mr. John LUSK. He fought under General WOLFE on the plains of Abraham, was a soldier in the American war during the revolution, and continued a military pensioner to his death.