Saturday 21 Jul 1838   (p. 3, col. 6-7)




A few days since, the wife of Patrick O'BRIEN, Scargillcroft, of five female children; the mother, with three of the children, are doing well, and likely to continue so.—Sheffield Iris.


On the 30th ult., the wife of a person named Joseph GRIME, a shoemaker, Preston, of three children, two males and one female, all of which have since died.




At Wigton, on Saturday week, Mr. William BARWISE, to Miss Mary TIFFIN, both of Wigton; on Sunday last, Mr. George HARKNESS, to Miss Mary HARRIS.


On the 12th instant, Mr. TODD, of Beck, to Miss BARNES, of Curthwaite.


At Penrith, on Wednesday, Mr. Wm. COOPER, to Sarah ALLINSON; same day, Mr. James DODD, to Miss Mary JACKSON.


At Annan, on Friday, the 13th instant, Capt. HULL, of the Henderson, of Whitehaven, to Miss Margaret JACKSON, second daughter of the late Mr. D. JACKSON, of New Lowther Street, Whitehaven.


At Crosscanonby, on the 10th instant, Mr. John PRICE, to Miss Mary M'DONALD, both of Maryport.


At Workington, on Saturday last, Mr. John BROWN, mariner, to Mrs. Jane MOORE; 15th inst., Mr. Joseph CLUCAS, mariner, to Miss Margaret RUTH.


At Egremont, on Monday last, by the Rev. W. H. LEECH, rector, Mr. Thomas ROOK, of Ireby, to Miss WILSON, dressmaker.


At Springfield, on the 16th curt., by the Rev. Dr. WHITSON, of Crossmichael, William BARBOUR, yr. of Dunmuir, to Anna, eldest daughter of the late Nathaniel NEILSON, of Springfield.


At Brockwoodlees, parish of Cannobie, on the 10th instant, Mr. John THOMSON, Commercial Inn, Langholm, to Mary, only daughter of Mr. A. DOW, farmer, Brockwoodlees.


At Hexham, on the 11th instant, the Rev. James MITCHELL, of Gateshead, Wesleyan minister, to Miss PEARSON, daughter of the Rev. W. PEARSON, Wesleyan minister, of the former place.

 Saturday 21 Jul 1838   (p. 3, col. 6-7)




On the 17th instant, in Abbey Street, aged 83, Mrs. LODGE, widow of Ralph LODGE, Esq., of this city, and formerly of St. Trinian's, Yorkshire.


In the Pack Horse Lane, on Friday, the 20th instant, John ARMSTRONG, aged 49 years.


In Sowerby Street, Botchergate, William, son of Mr. William SHERWIN, joiner, aged 13 years.


In Ritson's Lane, on the 14th instant, William THOMPSON, aged 24 years.


On the 18th instant, Phillip M'ENTIRE, of the 81st Regiment, aged 40 years.


At Dumfries, on Monday last, Mr. William DIXON, Solicitor, late of Holme Foot, near this city, aged 33 years.


On Thursday, the 11th instant, at Buckabank, in the parish of Dalston, in his 79th year, Mr. Timothy STRONG. He lived highly respected by a large circle of friends and acquaintances, to whom his kind and social qualities very much endeared him. He was a man possessing a truly independent mind, of considerable scientific attainments, and gifted with a powerful inventive genius; but the virtue that give a lustre to every other quality, probity and strict integrity, shone conspicuously in him. He has left a widow, one son, and four daughters, to mourn his loss.


At Longtown, on Saturday last, Mrs. Jane IRVING, widow of the late Mr. Walter IRVING, painter, aged 79 years.


At Brampton, on Monday last, Susannah, wife of Mr. Isaac HALL, glazier, aged 63 years; on Thursday, Mr. Thomas HOOD, advanced in years.


On the 16th instant, Abraham, son of Mr. EDMONDSON, of Waverton, after one week's indisposition, aged 7 years.


At Wigton, on Friday week, Mrs. Eleanor TODD, aged 59 years.


At Stripe Heads, on the 15th instant, much respected, Mr. Christopher ATKINSON, aged 43 years.


At Penrith, suddenly, on the 4th instant, Mr. Peter MOSS, bread baker, aged 65 years; 16th, Mr. Thomas HODGSON, shoemaker, aged 59 years.


At Howbeck, near Hesket-new-Market, on Tuesday week, Miss Esther BOYD, dress-maker, aged 40 years —much respected.


At Millhouse, near Hesket-new-Market, at the house of her daughter, Mrs. PORTER, formerly of the Crown Inn, Hesket-new-market.


At Valparaiso, on the 24th December last, John ADDISON, late of Manchester, and nephew of Mr. Richard ADDISON, of Caldbeck. The manner in which he discharged the confidential duties of an extenive commercial concern, had justly endeared him to the whole of the population there.


At Cockermouth, on Thursday week, Mr. Richard MURRAY, landlord of the Black Bull Inn, aged 27 years.


At Workington, since our last, Mrs. Ann DIXON, aged 65 years.


On his passage from Workington to Quebec, very suddenly, on the 12th of May last, Capt. John MARTIN, of the Martin, in the 46th year of his age.


At Whitehaven, on Tuesday week, Capt. Jonathan DREWRY, aged 72 years. Mr. DREWRY was a member of the Society of Friends, highly esteemed, and the oldest sailing master belonging to that port.


On Saturday last, in Whitehaven, Margaret, daughter of Mr. John BRAITHWAITE, aged 20 years.


At Lythmore, near Whitehaven, lately, Miss Isabella ATKINSON, aged 57 years.


At Soulby, on Thursday week, Mary, the wife of M. IRVING, Esq., one of the Magistrates of the county of Westmorland, in the 63rd year of her age.


At Langholm, on the 10th instant, Elizabeth DONALDSON, at the advanced age of 93 years. Till within three weeks of her death she read her Bible without glasses, and never used spectacles; same place, on the 11th, John, son of Mr. John LOCKHART, shoemaker.


At Charlton, Northumberland, on the 8th instant, deeply regretted, Mr. Michael WRIGHT, aged 32 years.


At Eastwood House, near Hexham, on the 11th instant, aged 68 years, Dorothy, the wife of Mr. Henry HARRISON, farmer.


DEATH OF THE DUKE OF LEEDS.—His Grace the Duke of Leeds was taken ill on Saturday week, and expired on Tuesday morning at half-past seven o'clock. His Grace was born on the 21st of July, 1775, and succeeded to the dukedom on the 31st Jan., 1799. He has left an only surviving son, the Marquis of Carmarthen, now Duke of Leeds.