Saturday 02 Jun 1838   (p. 3, col. 6-7)




On the 21st ult., at Maryport, the Lady of J. WALKER, Esq. of a son.




At St. Mary's, on the 26th ult., Mr. Robert CAMPBELL, to Miss Margaret PENN.


On Wednesday last, at High Hesket, by the Rev. Mr. HUDSON, Mr. Isaac OUSBY, yeoman, Longstrummel, to Miss Margaret LONGRIGG, of Low Hesket.


At Hesket, by the Rev. W. HUDSON, on Saturday last, Mr. Daniel JACKSON, of Calthwaite, to Mary, only daughter of Mr. Joseph LAZONBY, of the same place.


At Bellingham, on Wednesday last, Mr. Nicholas WRIGHT, of Buteland, to Jane, second daughter of the late Mr. John DIXON, of Mantle Hill.


At Walton-on-the-Hill, on the 21st ult., by the venerable the Archdeacon of Chester, Ann, second daughter of Mrs. MATHEWS, of West Derby Street, Edge Hill, to Daniel BELL, Esq., third son of the late Joseph BELL, Esq., of the Hollins, near Whitehaven.


At Crosthwaite Church, Keswick, on Saturday, Mr. John FAULDER, to Miss Sarah WREN, both of Howe, near Keswick.


At Cockermouth, on Monday week, Mr. Willian ALLAN, flax-dresser, to Miss Elizabeth STALKER; on Monday last, Mr. Francis SWAINS, tin-plate worker, to Miss Sarah PARSABLE.


At Workington, since our last, Mr. William LLOYD, chain-maker, to Miss Mary DAVIDSON.


At Irton, on Saturday last, by the Rev. John GRICE, Mr. Isaac ATKINSON, of Dirt Hole, in Gosforth, to Miss WALTON, daughter of Mr. John WALTON, of London Head, in Irton; same day and place, Mr. John WALKER, of Cragg, to Miss SANDWITH, niece of Mrs. SANDWITH, of Mill House, both in the parish of Irton.


At Barton, on Saturday last, Mr. Joseph SHEPHERD, bobbin-turner, to Miss Fanny MALLISON, both of Eamont Bridge.


At Preston, on the 14th ult., Mr. John DAVIES, letter-press printer, to Miss Mary DOBSON, of Bowness, Cumberland.

Saturday 02 Jun 1838   (p. 3, col. 6-7)




At her Son's house, Pearsons Court, Long-lane, Fisher-street, on the 18th ultimo, Mrs. Catharine THOMPSON, widow, aged 70 years—much respected.


In the King's Arms Lane, since our last, Mrs. Eliza GRAY, aged 34 years.


In the Collier Lane, lately, Mr. Wm. DODD, aged 52 years.


In Water Street, lately, Mrs. Sarah TALLENTIRE, aged 52 years.


On the Irish Brow, on the 30th ult., Nancy EASTON, aged 57 years.


At Messrs. Dixon's Cottages, on the 28th ult., Mary POSTLETHWAITE, aged 46 years.


In Liverpool, on Tuesday last, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Joseph HIND.


At Stanwix, on the 28th ult., Mr. Robert HUTHART, aged 27 years,—much and deservedly respected by all who knew him.


At Scaleby, on the 22nd ult., Mr. Nicholas GASS, aged 25 years.


At Crookdyke, on Wednesday week, John, the youngest son of Mr. J. SMALLWOOD, in the 14th year of his age.


At Mains, in the parish of Wigton, on Monday last, Mrs. Isabella HOWE, aged 92 years.


At Wigton, on the 24th ult., Joseph, son of Mr. John BELL, tailor, aged 10 years; on the 25th, Mr. John HEWITSON, aged 67 years; on the 28th, William, son of John WALLACE, miller, aged 5 years; same day, Mrs. Sarah CHAMBERS, aged 81 years; 30th, Mr. Thomas HARRISON, late of Caldbeck, aged 79 years.


At Moss-side, in the parish of Holm Cultram, on the 13th ult., at the great age of 88 years, Richard JACKSON, Esquire, of that place.


At the work-house, Keswick, on Saturday last, Elizabeth FLEMING, aged 38 years.


At Cockermouth, on Wednesday last, John, only son of Mr. John HENDERSON, grocer, aged 16 years; and on Sunday, at Goat, near Cockermouth, Mrs. Sarah POWE, but better known by the name of Sarah PARK, aged 62 years.


At Glasson, near Maryport, on Tuesday, Mr. Robert BROWN, formerly lessee of the Ewanrigg Colliery, aged 52.


At Netherwasdale, on Saturday last, after a long illness, Mr. John TYSON, landlord of the Strands inn, aged 75.


At Beckermont Mill, last week, Mr. Isaac CHESTER, miller, in the 57th year of his age.


At Workington, last week, Mr. Anthony BROWN, in the 23rd year of his age.


At Harrington, on Friday week, Mr. Thomas IRVING, mariner, aged 45 years.


At Fox Pit, near Harrington, on Monday, the 21st ultimo, very suddenly, Mr. George GRUNDY, miner, aged 60 years.


At Whitehaven, on the 24th ultimo, Margaret, wife of Capt. William CHRISTIAN, of the brig Robert, of Whitehaven, aged 62; and at Harrington, on the 26th, Mrs. Nancy MATTHEWS, widow, sister of the above, aged 61 years.


At Whitehaven, since our last. Mrs. Ann BRAGG, aged 72; Mrs. Mary LEMON, aged 96; Mrs. Mary YOUNG, aged 84; Sarah, daughter of Mrs. Jane REES, widow, aged 19; Mr. C. CAIN, at an advanced age; Mr. John TEAR, aged 43; and Mrs. Ann CAMPBELL, aged 48.


At North Shields, lately, in her 100th year, Elizabeth, widow of Mr. Robert LYALL. She never used spectacles, and had her faculties to the day of her death, on which day she took breakfast as usual.


THE DEATH OF THE COUNTESS HARROWBY.—This distinguished lady expired on Sunday last, at her residence in Grosvenor-square. This sad event will throw numerous families into mourning, including those of SUTHERLAND, GRANVILLE, WHARNCLIFFE, HOWARD, &c. Her ladyship was Lady Susan LEVESON GOWER, sixth daughter of Granville, first Marquis of Stafford. She was born in 1772, and married Dudley RYDER, first Earl of Harrowby, July 30, 1795.


DEATH OF THE COUNTESS AMHERST.—We regret to announce the death of Lady AMHERST, who died on Sunday morning at the family mansion in Grosvenor Street. The late Countess was widow to the fifth Earl of Plymouth, and was married to the Earl AMHERST on the 24th July, 1800. She was daughter of the last Earl ARCHER, and mother of the Marchioness of Downshire and Lady Harriet CLIVE by the Earl of Plymouth, and Viscount Holmesdale and several children by Earl AMHERST.


At Lisrenny, Louth, Katty SLOANE, in her 110th year. She retained all her faculties clear and acute to the last day, and was only confined to her bed a few weeks before her death.


DEATH OF THE MARQUIS OF ORMONDE.—The Marquis of Ormond expired on the 18th ult., at O'Dienne's Hotel, after an illness of thirteen days, produced by a severe cold. His successor is John Earl of Ossory. The Marquis of Ormonde was hereditary chief butler of Ireland, a knight of St. Patrick, lord lieutenant of the county, and colonel of the Kilkenny militia.


At Joppa, near Edinburgh, on the 11th instant, in the 110th year of his age, John WRIGHT, sergeant. He commenced his career in the 21st Fusileers, commanded by the Hon. Colonel HAMILTON; served in the French Canadian war, and subsequently in the American war under General BURGOYNE and Earl CORNWALLIS. He witnessed the death of General WOLFE on the Plains of Abraham, and had a perfect remembrance of the personal figure of Prince Charles Edward, at Holyrood Palace.