At Battle Hill, on Monday, Mr. James PEARSON, to Miss Jane CLANN, Wigton.


At Arthuret, on Sunday last, Robert LATIMER, brewer, to Elizabeth COULTHARD, widow.


At Ecclefechan, on the 2nd current, by the Rev. Robert MENZIES, of Hoddam, James BENSON, Esq., proprietor of the Queensberry Arms, Annan, to Miss Janet Jackson SCOTT, second daughter of the late Walter SCOTT, Esq., Ecclefechan.


At Workington, on the 2nd instant, Mr. Jeremiah SKELTON, tailor, to Miss Eleanor MELVILLE, dressmaker.


At the Parish Church, Ulverston, on Tuesday week, Captain Peter DAVIS, of Frodsham, to Miss SWAINSON, daughter of Mr. John SWAINSON, tanner, of Penny Bridge.


On the 23rd ult., at Wycliffe chapel, London, by the Rev. Dr. REID, the Rev. Jonah REEVES, minister of the Independent Chapel, Wigton, to Eliza, fourth daughter of Thomas FRY, Esq., Mile End, London.

 Saturday 14 Apr 1838   (p. 3, col. 6-7)




In the Willow Holme, on the 7th instant, Thomas SINCLAIR, aged 70 years.


In Bowman’s Court, Scotch Street, on the 8th instant, Mr. William STEPHENSON, aged 80 years.


In the House of Recovery, lately, Mrs. Mary GRAHAM, aged 57 years.


In Union Court, Scotch Street, lately, Mrs. Bridget TAYLOR, aged 70 years.


At Freelands Place, since our last, Mrs. FAWKES, aged 82 years.


At Stanwix, on Tuesday morning, the 10th instant, Mr. Thomas KELL, late Quarter Master in the Rutland Regiment of Fencible Cavalry, aged 84 years. [In our paper of Saturday last we stated that Mr. KELL’s death had occurred on the day previous, the 6th instant. On the morning of that day Mr. KELL, who had been some weeks ill, was suddenly taken worse, and, to all appearance, was dying, and it was currently reported through the village that he was dead; information to that effect was brought to us, and, not knowing but it was correct, we gave publicity to it.]


At Blackwell, on the 5th instant, Sarah Jane, the daughter of Mr. Adam ARMSTRONG, aged 14 years.


At Monkhill on the 8th instant, John Joseph DAND, son of Mr. William DAND, aged 19 years.


On Thursday last, in the prime of life, Margaret BLAKE, many years cook and housekeeper with Mr. Thomas HUDSON, of Roehill.


At Longtown, on Sunday last, Margaret VICARS.


At Stockton-upon-Tees, on Wednesday, the 21st ult., after a few weeks illness, resulting in typhus fever, the Rev. Wm. MERREFIELD, minister of the Independent Chapel in the above town, and late that at Brampton, in this county, aged 36 years.


At Dundraw, on the 5th instant, of typhus fever, after a few days illness, Mr. Joseph IRVING. His wife died in child-bed about a month previous. Thus a family of ten children are bereft of father and mother, and part of them are suffering from fever.


On the 3rd instant, at Sheriff Hutton Park, Yorkshire, the Rev. Edward THOMPSON, younger son of George Lowther THOMPSON, Esq., and Vicar of Aspatria, in this county. Mr. THOMPSON was one of her Majesty’s Justices of the Peace for this county.


At Penrith, on the 3rd inst., Isabella, daughter of Robert CLARK, currier, aged 1 year; 6th, Ann, wife of Mr. MORLAND, draper, aged 55 years; 10th, Mr. Peter DAVIS, skinner, aged 73.


At Bongate Cottage, Appleby, on the 7th inst., Richard HALL, Esq., aged 43 years, brother to George HALL, Esquire, Deputy High Sheriff for the County of Westmorland, whose death we recorded a few weeks ago.


At Ravenglass, on Sunday week, at the great age of 88 years, Mrs. Tamar DIXON, widow.


At Cockermouth, on Thursday week, Mrs. Phœbe HEBLETHWAITE, of the Huntsman Inn.


At Maryport, on the 2nd instant, Mr. Robert METCALF, aged 53 years; on the 3rd instant, Mrs. Jane M’CORMICK, aged 78 years; and on the 5th, Mrs. Ann ADAIR, widow, aged 81 years.


At Salmon Hall, near Workington, since our last, in his 53d year, Mr. John PEAT, lessee of the Derwent fishery.


At Harrington, on Thursday week, Mrs. Hannah WESTRAY, widow, in the 93rd year of her age.


At Whitehaven, on the 2nd instant, Joseph, son of Mrs. MORTON, aged 13 years; and Mrs. Hannah TELFER, aged 48 years.


At Bahia, in the 20th year of his age, Mr. William BECK, son of the late Mr. W. BECK, of Aldby, near Whitehaven. The deceased belonged to the brig Jamaica, of Liverpool, and unfortunately fell overboard and perished.


At Rothersyke, near Egremont, on Wednesday week, Francis, daughter of Mr. Thomas ROBINSON, aged 23 years.


At Gatehouse, on the 5th current, in the 37th year of his age, James M'NISH, Esq., writer there,—much and justly regretted.


At Sedberg, after a short illness, on Saturday last, the Rev. Henry WILKINSON, M.A., Head Master of the Free Grammar School in that place, aged 46 years.


At Hexham, on the 1st instant, aged 63, Miss NODDALL, sister of Mr. Wm. NODDALL, glove manufacturer; 4th, aged 42, Mary ELLERINGTON.


At Newcastle, on the 31st ult., aged 51 years, Mrs. HORSLEY, wife of Mr. James HORSLEY, formerly of Snipe House, farmer; 2nd instant, at the Folly Wharf, aged 45, Mr. John MOULD, master mariner; 5th, aged 38, Mr. John EDWARDS, many years foreman to Mr. Edward STOREY, house carpenter; 6th, aged 20, Mr. Andrew Haswell COOPER, son of the late Mr. James COOPER, merchant tailor; 8th, aged 83, Jane, wife of Mr. John WILLIAMSON, of Ridley Place.


At Langholm, aged 27, Mr. William SCOTT, surveyor and draftsman under Mr. HARRISON, engineer to the Stanhope and Tyne Railroad.


On the 10th of December last, at Benin, on the Coast of Africa, Captain Samuel NEALE, of the brig Vigilant, of Liverpool, and youngest son of the late Captain William NEAL, of Ulverston.


On Monday morning week, in Douglas, Isle of Man, Mr. William BEWLEY, schoolmaster, formerly of Workington, aged 54 years; on Tuesday, at Ramsey, in the 66th year of his age, Frederick LA MOTHE, Esq., who during a medical practice of forty-four years obtained a very high degree of confidence and respect among all classes of the Island; and on Friday, in Douglas, aged 52 years, Ellen, the wife of Mr. Joseph HASTINGS, shipwright, formerly of Seaton, near Workington, deeply lamented.


At Arbroath, aged 71, David ERSKINE, Esq., of Carnock, only son of the late celebrated Dr. John ERSKINE, Professor of Scots law, and author of "Institutes of the Law of Scotland."


At Clifton, near Bristol, on Thursday week, the Dowager Viscountess Strangford. She was the eldest daughter of the late Frederick PHILIPS, Esq., and was married to Lionel, fifth Viscount Strangford. Her Ladyship was in her 82nd year.