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Saturday 24 Mar 1838   (p. 3, col. 6-7)




On Monday morning week, as a fly boat from Athy to Dublin was passing through the 18th dock, one of the passengers, a Mrs. M'CANN, of Castlecomer (who had never been on the canal before) became very much agitated and alarmed, and in less than half an hour was seized with premature labour.— There were only three other passengers in the after cabin, whom the captain of the boat permitted to go into the first, leaving the other to Mrs. M'CANN, who, before she reached Sallins, added two boys and a girl to the number on board.—On reaching Dublin she was put into comfortable lodgings, and, with her three little ones, is getting on as well as possible. Mr. M'CANN, the husband, was also a passenger, and seemed highly delighted, these being his first born.—Dublin paper.




At St. Cuthbert's, on the 22nd instant, Mr. Richard SEWELL, joiner, to Miss Barbara HESLOP.


At the Old Presbyterian Chapel, Fisher-street, on the 19th instant, by the Rev. Richard HUNTER, Mr. James ROY, carver and gilder, Scotch Street, to Miss Mary, daughter of Mr. Thomas CARR, innkeeper, Henry Street.


At Thursby Church, on Thursday last, Mr. Joseph MATTHEWS, innkeeper, of this city, to Miss Isabella MILBURN, of Nealhouse Hill, in the parish of Thursby.


At Hayton, on the 17th, Mr. Richard MULCASTER to Miss Margaret MILBURN, both of Hayton.


At St. Pancras Church, London, Mr. William WALLACE, saddler, to Miss Martha MADGIN, dress maker, Penrith.


At Whitehaven, on Tuesday week, by the Rev. Edward WHITE, Mr. T. BLENKINSOP, tailor, to Jane, second daughter of Captain GLOVER, of the Massereene, of that port; same place, by the Rev. J. JENKINS, Mr. John MURRAY, shoemaker, to Miss Dinah CAMERON.


At Great Orton, on Monday last, by the Rev. Mr. MAYSON, Mr. WILLIS, of Great Orton, to Miss GRAHAM, Clifton, Westmorland.


At St. Michael's, Appleby, on the 22nd instant, Mr. Thomas RUDD, of Hilton, to Miss Hannah HOWE.


At Newcastle, since our last, Mr. James MEAN to Miss Margaret MANNERS; Mr. John DAVIDSON to Eliza SPENCER; Mr. E. AUERBACK, stationer, to Miss Jane BROWN of North Shields.


At Dublin, John O'CONNELL, Esq., M.P., son of Daniel O'CONNELL, Esq., to Miss Elizabeth RYAN, of Jubilee Hall, Dublin.

 Saturday 24 Mar 1838   (p. 3, col. 6-7)




In Princess Street, since our last, Mr. John ARMSTRONG, aged 42 years.


In the King's Arms Inn, in this city, yesterday morning, Mr. Wm. DALY, late of Philadelphia, advanced in years.


In Abbey Street, on the 17th instant, Mary DAVIDSON, aged 70 years.


In the Willow Holm, on the 20th instant, Mary GRAHAM, aged 50 years.


In Court Square, on Tuesday last, Mr. Thomas HUGHES, aged 95 years.


At the Half Way Houses, near this city, on Tuesday last, Mr. William ATKINSON, aged 52 years.


At Annan, on the 19th instant, in his 61st year, James SAUNDERS, Esq., for several years a respectable draper in this city.


At Newcastle, on Saturday last, Mr. Isaac HOLME, draper, late of this city.


At Lochgylph, Argyleshire, on the 16th instant, Mrs. Margaret CRANMER, formerly of this city, aged 84 years.


In Manchester, on Friday, the 16th instant, in the prime of life, Mr. Thomas M'KENNELl, formerly landlord of the Moulders' Arms public-house in Botchergate, in this city. For some time past he has been in the employ of Messrs. COWPER and Co., printing machine makers, Manchester. He was a young man of considerable talent and ingenuity as a mechanic.


At Brampton, on Monday, the 19th instant, Mr. Joseph THOMPSON, of the Half Moon Inn, aged 73 years.


At Wigton, on the 15th instant, Mr. John PATTINSON, boot and shoe maker, aged 30 years; on the 19th, Mr. Hugh SMITH, aged 75 years.


At Clifton, near Penrith, on Thursday week, highly respected, Mr. George GRAHAM, surgeon, aged 38 years.


At Penrith, on the 17th instant, Thomas HUGGINS, an inmate of the workhouse, aged 88 years; same place, on the 18th, Mr. Isaac GASKIN, gardener, aged 51 years.


At Keswick, on the 14th instant, after a tedious illness, Mary, eldest daughter of the late Mr. J. DOUTHWAITE, of Smeathwaite, St. John's, near Keswick, aged 45 years.


At Flimby, near Maryport, on Thursday week, after a short illness, Mary ADAIR, spinster, aged 59 years.


At Goat, near Cockermouth, on Thursday week, Eleanor, wife of Mr. Wm. ASKEW, bleacher, aged 61 years.


At Cockermouth, lately, Mr. Joseph BAXTER, thread maker, aged 24 years; Miss Jane GRINDALL, aged 57 years; Mrs. Mary NIGHTINGALE, aged 77 years; Eleanor, wife of Mr. Jeremiah GILL, aged 43 years.


At Greysouthen, on Wednesday week, Mrs. CARRUTHERS, relict of the late Mr. George CARRUTHERS, of that place, aged 60 years.


At Workington, lately, Mary, relict of the late Robert STEELE, Esq., aged 76 years; Hannah relict of the late Michael GRAYSON, aged 77 years; and Mrs. Eleanor LAWRENCE, aged 63 years.


At Whitehaven, on the 16th instant, aftet a short illness, Mr. KEWLEY, aged 65 years. The deceased was senior police officer at that place, a situation which he has filled for several years with great credit to himself, and given general satisfaction to the town; same place, on Wednesday week, aged 28 years, Mr. John ATKINSON, ship carpenter; Mr. William COLTART, tea-dealer, aged 24 years; Mrs. Jane MILLER, widow, aged 48 years; Mr. William SHIELDS, aged 57 years; Bridget, wife of Mr. Jos. ARNISON, bellman, aged 47 years.


At Cleator, on Saturday last, Mr. George HARKNESS, aged 88 years.


At Alston, Margaret, wife of Mr. Jonathan WALTON, aged 76.


At Appleby, lately. Mr. James SANDERSON, of the White Hart Inn, and Common Councilman of the Borough of Appleby, aged 45 years; same place, lately, Mr. John EGGLESTON, weaver, aged 82 years.


At Newcastle, since our last, Mr. Joseph BULMER, aged 73; and Mrs. HARDY, aged 57.


At Sunderland, on the 12th inst., Mr. Martin REVELY, late editor of the Sunderland Herald, aged 37.


On the 8th instant, at Warren Point, near Newry, Ireland, C. G. BURRELL, Esq., of Dockwray Square, North Shields. Intelligence of his death reached Shields on Sunday last, and produced amongst his friends and townsmen a very general and deep regret. He was an extensive shipowner, and greatly interested in the prosperity of the borough of Tynemouth; in all shipping affairs he took an active part, and was generally esteemed for his urbanity of manner and unimpeachable integrity.


DEATH OF SAMUEL DAY, JUN., THE JOCKEY.—This well-known and excellent light weight met with a fall while hunting on Friday week, from the effects of which he died on the Wednesday morning following. The deceased rode the winner of the Great St. Leger Stakes at Doncaster last year.


At Adare, county of Limerick, aged 108 years, Margaret BOND.


Near Kilkenny, aged 109, Mary NOWLAN. She retained her faculties to the last, and danced and sung a song two days before her death.