Saturday 20 Jan 1838   (p. 3, col. 6-7)




At Greystone Cottage, on the 15th instant, Mrs.T. F. PORTER, of a son.




At Irthington, on Saturday last, the Rev. M. C. DAVIDSON, Primitive Methodist preacher, to Miss BOWMAN; also, at the same time, the brother of the bride, Mr. John BOWMAN, to Miss BIRD, both of Irthington.


At Penrith, on the 16th instant, Mr. Wm. DODD, to Miss Margaret M'DONALD.


At Barton Church, on the 13th inst., by the Rev. Mr. GIBSON, Mr. Jeremiah WOODS, blacksmith, to Miss Hannah BELLAS, both of Martindale.


At Harrington, on Tuesday week, Captain John DOBSON, of Whitehaven, to Miss Mary Ann HARRISON, second daughter of the late Mr. Thomas HARRISON, of that port.


At Whitehaven, on the 15th instant, by the Rev. Dr. HUDLESTON, Mr. Matthew HOWGILL, of Great Surrey Street, Southwark, tobacconist, to Miss Margaret NICHOLSON, of Whitehaven; same place, Mr. William Parker GARDNER, to Miss Mary Ann LONG; on Saturday, by the Rev. John JENKINS, Mr. James QUIRK, currier, to Miss Hannah GIBSON; on Sunday, Mr. James HODGSON, slater, to Miss Mary Ann BROWN; and on Monday, Mr. John GATH, officer of Excise, to Miss Mary MARS.


At Hexham, on the 8th inst., Mr. John WILSON, of Hawick, woollen manufacturer, to Margaret, eldest daughter of the late Mr. F. SCOTT, of Hexham, tobacconist.


At Morpeth, on the 3rd inst., Mr. Wm. ROBSON, of Stobhill, to Miss Eliz. COPE, of the same place; same day, at the Catholic chapel, Mr. Thomas COIL, to Miss Margaret M'MANES.


At North Shields, on the 1st instant, Mr. T. A. ALEXANDER, to Mrs. A. HUGHES, both of Newcastle.


At Gateshead Fell Church, on the 7th inst., Mr. Matthew ANDERSON, of Springwell, engineer, to Miss Sarah LEARMOUTH, of Gateshead Fell.


At St. Bride's Church, Liverpool, on Wednesday week, Mr. George THOMPSON, butler at Thomas HARTLEY's, Esq., Gillfoot, to Miss Hannah MASON, of Liverpool.


On the 16th inst., at the Church of All Souls, Langham-place, by the Rev. Edward EVANS, rector of Eariswell, Suffolk, and afterwards at the residence of Mary Lady PETRE, in Harley-street, according to the rites of the Roman Catholic Church, by the Rev. William WELDS, of the Bavarian chapel, Arthur HUGHES, Esq., son of the late Sir Robert HUGHES, Esq., Bart., of Burgold Hall, Suffolk, to the Hon. Anna Maria  PETRE, daughter of the late Robert Lord PETRE. There were present at the ceremony, the Duke of Norfolk, Lords Fitzallan and Edward HOWARD, Lord and Lady PETRE, Captain C. PETRE, Lady PECHELL, the Hon. Robert and Francis PETRE, Mr. James WELD, Mr. Philip HOWARD, and other members of the respective families. Mr. HOWARD, of Greystoke, and a party of friends, afterwards joined the repast given by Lady Mary PETRE on the occasion.

 Saturday 20 Jan 1838   (p. 3, col. 6-7)




In Bridge Street, on Monday last, suddenly, Mary, wife of Mr. John HEWSON, late permit writer at Blackburn, and daughter of the late Mr. John MATTHEWS, Castle Street, aged 43 years; much lamented.


In Borough Street, on Monday last, Hannah, wife of Mr. John THOMPSON, aged 30 years.


In Lowther Street, since our last, Mr. Thomas POWER, aged 22 years.


At Etterby, on Saturday last, William REEVES, father of Mr. Joseph REEVES, agricultural implement maker, Stanwix, at the advanced age of 90 years; much and deservedly respected.


At Botcherby, on Thursday last, after a long and painful illness, Mr. Richard DOCKRAY, aged 70 years; much and deservedly respected by all who knew him.


At Warwick, on the 15th inst., Elizabeth, second daughter of Mr. Francis CARRUTHERS, aged 17 years.


At Cargo, on the 10th instant, Mr. Joseph LOWRY, aged 79 years; much respected.


At Brampton, on Friday last, Mrs. Sarah WALKER, aged 75 years.


At Longtown, on the 13th instant, Mr. F. TWEDDLE, son of Mr. Thomas TWEDDLE, brewer, aged 21 years.


At Penrith, on the 14th instant, Mr. Richard HOGARTH, aged 56 years; same place, on the 15th, Mrs. Rosina COWLEY, aged 78 years.


At Culgaith, on the 11th inst., Mr. John Moses PALLISTER, yeoman, aged 72 years.


At Park, near Alston, on the 17th instant, Mr. John LITTLE, aged 78 years.


At Cockermouth, on the 16th instant, Eleanor, wife of Mr. Joseph JOHNSON, saddler, aged 47 years; she has left a husband and young family to lament her loss.


At Hagget End, near Egremont, on Tuesday week, Jane, widow of the late Mr. William MOSSOP, of Cleator, aged 75 years.


At Woodend, near Egremont, on Friday week, William, son of Mr. John TURNER, miller, aged 20 years.


At Flatt, near Calder Bridge, on Friday week, Mr. Joseph WALKER, aged 62 years.


At High Harrington, on the 7th instant, Margaret, wife of Mr. Curwen HODGSON, aged 79 years.


At Whitehaven, since our last, Mrs. Ann GRISDALE, aged 60 years; Mary Ann HUDDLESTON, aged 12 years; Mrs. Isabella FELL, widow, aged 80 years; Mary, daughter of Mr. Charles ROSS, aged 17 years.


At Anick near Hexham, on the 7th instant, Miss BROWN, sister of Mrs. MAUGHAN.


At Newcastle, on the 15th inst., after a protracted illness, Mr. W. H. BOLTON, surgeon, aged 29 years.


At the Rev. Roger BASS's, Barton-under-Needwood, on Tuesday, the 9th instant, the Rev. Raisley CALVERT, second son of the late William CALVERT, Esq., of Greta Bank, near Keswick.


At her residence in Brighton, Mary Dowager Lady MUSGRAVE, relict of Sir John Chardin, MUSGRAVE, of Eden Hall, in this county, aged 77 years.


At Carlingsford, on the 5th instant, in the 80th year of his age, Theophilus ROGAN. Through his long life he maintained an unblemished reputation. He was exemplary in all his conduct, as a husband, a father, and a citizen. In 1798 he was one of those who were driven from Ireland by the barbarous minions of an unjust and cruel government. He took refuge in Canada; and when the heat of the persecution had passed, he returned to his home. Since that period he has lived quietly and happily, enjoying the respect of all who knew him. His mental faculties were strong, and his bodily vigour continued unimpaired until the last. A few weeks since he walked from Carlingford to Newry and back again, on the same day, before three o'clock.


At Settle, in the West-Riding of Yorkshire, on the 14th inst., William BIRKBECK, Esq., banker, aged 67. We believe Mr. BIRKBECK was the first instance of a member of the Society of Fnends qualifying as a Justice of the peace. His death was quite sudden. He was on the bench at the Wetherby Sessions in his usual health. He was courteous and gentle in his transactions with all—faithful in the discharge of his duties—and persevering almost to a proverb. His interest in the success of Mechanics' Institutes was scarcely less than that of his brother, Dr. BIRKBECK, of London. He was generous and hospitable, a kind friend to the poor, and universally esteemed by a large circle of friends and relatives.


DEATH OF EARL ELDON.—We regret to announce the death of the above venerable nobleman, which took place at his residence, No. 1, Hamilton-place, Piccadilly, on Saturday afternoon, at four o'clock, in the 87th year of his age. We believe his lordship was attacked with no particular complaint, but sunk under a gradual decay of nature. His lordship was attended during his illness by his daughter, Lady Frances BANKES, the wife of Mr. BANKES, of Corfe Castle, who since her separation from her husband has resided with her venerable parent. Lord Eldon has left two daughters, Lady Frances BANKES and Lady Elizabeth UPTON, the wife of Mr. UPTON, the architect, and will be succeeded to his title by his grandson, Lord Viscount Encombe, who is now in his 27th year, and who came to town from Shirley-house, near Croydon, to attend on his noble grandfather during his last moments. Lord Eldon, with the exception of Lord Lynedoch, was the most aged member of the House of Peers.


At his seat, near Montreal, on the 6th ult., Mrs. PAPINEAU, wife of the Canadian rebel leader.