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Saturday 06 Jan 1838   (p. 3, col. 8)


[The right part of the column is torn away to varying degrees. Square brackets indicate the gaps, and any information within the square brackets has been inferred by the transcriber or found from other sources – but occasionally could be wrong assumptions.]




At St. Mary' s in this city, on the 31st u[lt., Mr. John PIERCY] to Miss Esther HUDSON; Mr. William [DAVIS, of the Royal] Artillery, to Miss Mary ARMSTRONG; Mr. [James ROOME, to      ] Mary GARNET; 1st inst., Mr. John S[EWELL to       Jane] MACKAY.


At Gretna, on Wednesday last, Mr. ELL[WOOD, of                 ]ton, to Miss Jane BROWN, of Salt Coats. [William ELLWOOD and Jane BROWN married again on 13 Jan 1838 at Holme Cultram.]


At Penrith, on the 3rd instant, Mr. John[ PATTINSON,                  ] of Appleby, to Sarah, daughter of Mr. GAT[E,                of the] same place, on the 4th, Mr. John HARRISON[             to Mary,] second daughter of Mr. James TURNER, of t[                     ] of that town.




In Blackfriar's-street, on Monday, the 1st i[nst.,            ] GLAISTER, aged 60 years—much respected. [probably Joseph, but possibly George]


In Backhouse's Walk, since our last, Miss Isa[bella                 ] aged 17 years. [probably ARMSTRONG]


In Bridge Street, on the 27th ult., Margaret WHITE[, aged    ] years.


In Ritson's Lane on the 29th ult., Mrs. Ann GILL, a[ged    ] years.


In Willow Holme, on the 31st ult., Mr. John HUGGON, [aged] 70 years.


In Duke Street, on the 31st ult., William TWEDDLE, age[d     ] years.


In Duke Street, on the 1st instant, Catherine TUCK, a[ged    ] years.


In East Tower Street, on the 3rd instant, Robert W[ATSON,] aged 11 years.


In East Tower Street, on the 4th instant, Mary KEN[NEDY,] aged 87 years.


In this city, since our last, Miss Margaret HOLME, la[te of] Botcherby, aged 26 years.


At Greystone House, on the 1st instant, Margaret, se[cond] daughter of Mr. Joseph HOLMES, aged 26 years; m[uch and] deservedly respected by all who knew her.


At Wigton, on Saturday last, Mr. Tho[mas                        , aged] 61 years.


At Thornby, on the 1st instant, M[                                            ] Aspatria, aged 65 years.


At Akehead, near Wigton, on the 3[     ult., Mrs. Peggy ROOKE,] relict of the late John Rooke, aged 80 [years.]


At Gamblesby, on Tuesday last[,                                        ] George RICHARDSON, aged 32 year[s                                             re]spected.


At Penrith, on the 3rd inst[.,                                aged    ] years; same place, on the 4th [                     ] ROBINSON, miller, Eamont [Bridge                                        .] [could be Ann, Elizabeth, or Alice]


At Kingside Hill, Abbe[y Town, aged 73,     Robert] ROUTLEDGE, formerly cor[                                ] Life Guards, and supe[                                                ] Woolwich, for 40 yea[rs                                            .]

 Saturday 06 Jan 1838   (p. 4, col. 7)


Continued from third page.




At Pontefract, on Friday, the 15th ult., the wife of the Rev. George STANSFIELD, Primitive Methodist Minister, of twins, being the third time that she has had twins.


At Denholme, on Monday, the 11th ult., Mary, wife of Mr. Jonas HORSFALL, of three children, two of whom were stillborn, and the other only survived a few hours.




At Gretna on the 8th ult., and on the 14th at the parish church of St. Martin's, in Chester, Sir F. CAREY, of the 83rd regiment, son of the late Colonel CAREY, to Louisa Dorothea, daughter of the Rev. T. H. CLOUGH.


At Irton, on Christmas Day, by the Rev. Robert POOLEY, incumbent of Eskdale, Mr. William PORTER, of Amethist Green, Drigg, master in the navy, to Miss J. TYSON, of Hall Flat, Irton.


At Workington, on the 31st ult., Mr. W. BELL, shipwright, to Miss Ann FISHER.


At the Superintendent Registrar's office, Cockermouth, on Saturday last, Mr. Robert SALKELD, of Bassenthwaite, to Miss Ann BELL, of the Close, in Embleton.


At Harrington, on Thursday, the 21st ult., by the Rev. John CURWEN, rector, Captain Thomas CARR, of the brig Plata, of Harrington, to Miss Betsy DITCHBURN, second daughter of the late Captain DITCHBURN, of that port.


At St. Nicholas Church, Whitehaven, on Saturday last, by the Rev. John BENN, Mr. Richard RUSSELL, mariner, to Miss Ann STORY, both of Whitehaven.


At Ulverston, on the 30th ult., Mr. Thomas WOODWARD, of Newland, husbandman, to Miss Rebecca FELL, daughter of Mr. Thomas FELL, yeoman, of Farnclose, near Ulverston.


At Kendal, on Christmas Day, Mr. Richard DIXON, letter-press printer, to Miss Elizabeth KNIPE, of Sand Ground, near Hawkshead.


At Dalton, on Saturday week, Mr. Williarn WOODS, to Miss Dorothy SHAW, of that place.


At Gateshead Fell church, on the 24th ult., Mr. Joseph HEDLEY, printer, to Miss Ann STRINGER.


At Durham, on the 27th ult., Ignatius BONOMI, Esquire, architect, to Charlotte Anne, daughter of the late Charles FIELDING, Esq., of London.


At Darlington, on the 24th ult., Mr. James PEACOCK, to Miss Hannah HOPE.


At Stockton, on the 23rd ult., Mr. Hugh HARMAN to Miss Jemima BELT. [According to FreeBMD, they were called Hugh HANNAN and Jemima BELL.]


At St. Bride's Church, Liverpool, Mr. Joseph CONNELL, youngest son of Mrs. Catharine CONNELL, of Whitehaven, to Ellen, eldest daughter of the late Mr. J. RENSHAW, Liverpool.


At Bettws, near Abergele, Denbighshire, Mr. Owen WILLIAMS, of Llansaintfraid, to Miss Sarah JONES, of Bettws. Each party was above 65, and had courted forty years; he having to go seven miles to see his sweetheart, and the journey he performed once a week. Thus he walked 29,120 miles on love expeditions.


At Genoa, Eyre EVANS, jun., Esq., of Ash-hill, Limerick, to the Hon. Sophia CROFTON, sister of Lord CROFTON.

 Saturday 06 Jan 1838   (p. 4, col. 7)




At Stoneknow, in the parish of Scaleby, after a lingering illness, Mr. William PALMER, aged 54.


At Longhorns, on Friday, the 29th December, Mr. John CONKIN, aged 86.


At Maryport, on the 17th ult., Mr. John HUDDLESTON, aged 53; on the 19th, Mrs. Elizabeth BROWN, King-street, relict of the late Mr. Thomas BROWN, hatter; on the 17th, Mr. John ROSS, mariner, aged 23.


At Alston, on the 18th inst., in child-bed, Mary, the wife of Mr. Cuthbert PEART.


At Cockermouth, on Monday, January 1st, Mary, wife of Thomas RITSON, in the 51st year of her age.


At Whitehaven, on Friday week, Mrs. Margaret KERNS, widow, aged 53; Mrs. Deborah FISHER, aged 35 years; and in the Infirmary, Frederick BROUGH, aged 16.


At Arcleby, on Saturday last, the 30th ult., Mrs. Mary HALL, aged 74 years.


At Ulverston, on the 25th ult., Margaret, wife of Mr. Patrick CARROL, aged 60 years.


At Harrogate, on the 19th ult., Mrs. VAN MILDERT, widow of the late Lord Bishop of Durham.


At Liverpool, on Saturday last, aged 78, Mr. Edward PENNINGTON, letter-press printer. He was the oldest printer in Lancashire, and was capable of following his employment until very recently.


At Hexham, on the 26th ult., aged 24 years, William, son of Mr. James ANDERSON, baker.


At Morpeth, Mr. John MASON, formerly of Simonburn, aged 82 years.


At Stockton, Mr. Anthony PICKERING, aged 82 years; 23rd ult., aged 13 years, Thomas COOKE.


At Darlington, Miss Mary Ann BAINBRIDGE, aged 17 years; Mr. Thomas MANLEY, aged 25 years.


On the 16th ult., aged 19 years, Master Thomas WATSON, primitive methodist preacher, in the fifth year of his ministry.


On the 21st ult., Captain John DAVISON, of the ship Faithful, aged 50 years. The deceased, who has sailed from Newcastle upwards of 30 years, was washed overboard off Flambro' Head during the recent gales, and drowned.