Saturday 29 Apr 1837   (p. 3, col. 6)
At St. Cuthbert's church, on the 27th inst., Mr. James MART, of Castle Sowerby, to Miss Hannah SEWELL, of this city.
At Wigton, on Thursday last, by the Rev. J. IRVING, Henry MOON, Esq., Liverpool, to Miss Ann FISHER, Wigton.
At Kirkoswald, on the 25th instant, by the Rev. Wilfred HARTLEY, M.A., Thomas TODD, Esq., of Drygrange, in the county of Roxburgh, to Eliza, only daughter of Charles Smalwood FETHERSTONHAUGH, Esq., of Kirkoswald.
At Whitehaven, on Sunday last, Mr. John NEIL, mariner, to Miss Hannah WILSON.
At Long Bendon, on the 18th instant, Charles BELL, Esq., Captain R.N., brother of Matthew BELL, Esq., M.P., to Rachael Ann, fourth daughter of Robt. Wm. BRANDLING, Esq , of Low Gosforth, Northumberland.

Saturday 29 Apr 1837   (p. 3, col. 6)
At Eden Terrace, on the 1st inst., Mrs. KEAY, relict of Mr. KEAY, solicitor, of Carlisle.
In Backhouse's Walk, on the 21st inst., Mr. Joseph WRIGHT, aged 65.
In Paternoster Row, on Saturday, the 22nd inst., Mrs. Mary SURTEES, aged 54 years; many years in the service of the late Dr. HEYSHAM, of this city, and much respected.
In King-street, on Sunday morning last, the beloved daughter of Mr. John PRODDOW, hosier, in her second year; a promising little child, and whose loss will be long and deeply felt by her parents and friends.
In Fisher Street, on the 22nd inst., Mr. Thomas BLAYLOCK, butcher, aged 41, deeply regretted by a numerous circle of friends and acquaintances.
At St. Mary's church, since our last, Ann HOW, Broadguards, aged 67; Daniel ATCHINSON, Shaddongate, aged 10 years; Wm. BELL, Canal Cottages, aged 81; Mary FEE, Abbey Street, aged 40; Mary PHILIPS, Church Street, aged 43.
At Christ Church, since our last, Thomas WELSH, Union st., aged 6 years. George STEPHENSON, Union-street, aged 9 years.
At Wetheral workhouse, on Saturday, the 22nd inst., after a long illness, Sarah PATTINSON, aged 50.
At Longtown, on the 24th inst., Jane GLENDINNING, at an advanced age.
At Scales, on the 6th inst., Mrs. Frances BEATY, late of Bromfield, aged 80 years, much respected.
At Langrigg, on the 6th inst., Mr. John MOORHOUSE, aged 77. He was long known in that neighbourhood as a celebrated veterinary surgeon, and much regretted by a numerous circle of acquaintances.
At Castlecarrock, on Wednesday, the 19th instant, Mr. John FORSTER, aged 87.
At Penrith, on the 26th instant, Tamer, daughter of Mr. Christopher NORMAN, aged 16 years.
At Hilton Terrace, on Thursday morning last, the 20th inst., in childbed of twins, Dorothea Blake, wife of Mr. Joseph ROBINSON, in her 24th year; deeply regretted by her husband, her relatives, and a large circle of friends.
At Whitehaven, since our last, Mr. John SCOTT, veterinary surgeon aged 50. Mr. Daniel CAIN, aged 91 years. Mrs. E. FEE, widow, daughter of the late Mr. DUNN, of the Custom House, and who was for some time proprietor and editor of the Cumberland Chronicle, a newspaper published in Whitehaven fifty or sixty years ago. Mrs. F. was in her 65th year.
At Barrowmouth, near Whitehaven, on the 22nd inst., Mrs. Sarah ROBSON, widow of Mr. David ROBSON, farmer, aged 59.
At Teathes, in Lamplugh, on Sunday, the 23rd instant, Elizabeth Saul, daughter of the Rev. J. C. SHAW, incumbent of Ennerdale, aged 9 years and 6 months.
At High Trees, Lamplugh, on Tuesday, the 18th inst., Mr. Robert SOUTHWARD, aged 89 years; much respected.
Lately, at Lamplugh Cross, Mr. Jackson RODGER, landlord, aged 55, greatly esteemed.
At Harrington, on the 19th instont [sic], Mr. Thomas Clark GAREY, formerly master-mariner, aged 48.
At Ponsonby, near Calderbridge, on Thursday last, Mr. Isaac GUNSON, late of Calder Hall, aged 72.
At Workington, since our last, Christian, wife of Mr. Wm. MOORE, aged 46.
At Cockermouth, on Saturday, the 22nd inst., Eleanor, wife of Mr. Robert GLEDING, cabinet-maker, aged 29.
At Clifton, on Saturday last, Mr. Joseph BROWN, blacksmith, aged 50 years.
On the 5th of February last, at Laxton, Northamptonshire, of which place he was incumbent, the Rev. Joseph WILSON, in his 62nd year. Mr. WILSON was a native of Whitehaven.
On the 20th instant, at the Geleb Chateau, St. Andrew's, Jamaica, William HYLTON, Esq., formerly of the Delve, Westmorland, having the day previously attained his 88th year. This venerable gentleman was a lineal descendant from the ancient Barons of his name, formerly the proprietors of Hylton Castle, in Durham, and claimed by inheritance the titles and estates of his forefathers. He resided in that Island upwards of 60 years, and took a leading and prominent part in all measures which had for their object the benefit of his adopted country; and in none more so than in those relating to the abolition of the slave trade and slavery, having been a personal friend and correspondent on the subject of the late Bishop of London, and some of the most distinguished nobility and statesmen of his day.
DEATH OF MR. BLACKBURNE, M.P.—We regret to state that on Saturday morning, John BLACKBURNE, M.P. for Huddersfield, and King's Counsel, died at his lodgings at Hampstead, after an illness of considerable length. His health has been long declining, and a general breaking up of his constitution occasioned his death. He had not reached his fiftieth year. Mr BLACKBURN has been for years, in and out of Parliament, an earnest and steady champion of the Liberal cause. He was Chairman of the Municipal Corporation Commissioners.—Mr. BLACKBURN was a member of the Northern Circuit Bar, and was well known and much admired in this city. He was an able and honest advocate,—fearless in the assertion of his opinions, and regardless of the frowns of the bench when uttering disagreeable truths.