Saturday 11 Mar 1837   (p. 3, col. 6)
At Wigton, on Saturday last, Mr. Robert BELL, of Hollin-Root, in the parish of Wigton, to Miss Mary SMITH, of the same place.
At Hayton, on the 4th inst., Mr. William KIRKUP, of Carlisle, to Miss Mary FORSTER, of Little Corby.
At Moresby, near Whitehaven, on Sunday last, Mr. Jonathan DODD, tailor, to Sarah, daughter of Mr. William BRAYTON, of Huntinghow.
At St. Philip's church, Liverpool, on Sunday last, Capt. Robert M. ATKIN, of the Sarah Birkett, of Whitehaven, to Miss Susannah R. PAINE, of the former place.
At Crosthwaite church, Keswick, on the 2nd instant, Mr. James M'KNIGHT, of Stable Hills, to Miss Ann BRAGG, of Keswick.

Saturday 11 Mar 1837   (p. 3, col. 6)
In this City, on the 8th inst., Mr. John IVISON, Watchmaker, aged 36 years. Mr. IVISON was a member of the Society of Friends, and was much and deservedly respected.
In English-street, on Thursday, the 9th instant, Thomas, youngest son of Mr. Thomas CARRICK.
In West Tower-street, on Thursday, the 9th inst., Mrs. Margaret DUNN, aged 74, much and deservedly respected.
Burials at Christ Church, Caldewgate, since our last,—Mrs. Margaret YOUNG, Upperby, aged 34 years; and Mrs. Mary Ann ALLSOP, West Walls, aged 45 years.
Burials at St. Mary's Church,—on 5th inst., Eleanor, wife of James NIXON, of John's-street, chorister of the cathedral, aged 63; on the 7th, James ARMSTRONG, of Willow Holme, aged 63 years.
At Evening Hill, near Thursby, on the 27th ult., Mr. MATTHEWS, aged 61 years.
At the Garden Cottage, Edmond Castle, on the 1st inst., Jane WHITELOCK, youngest daughter of the late William WHITELOCK, of Graystoke, aged 13 years.
At Shinworth, on Saturday last, Mr. John DODD, aged 68.
At Longthwaite, in the parish of Wigton, on the 2nd inst., Mary, the wife of Mr. Robert IRVING, aged 38.
At Wigton, since our last, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. John GRAHAM, aged 51; Susannah, daughter of Susannah WILLIAMSON, aged 26; Mr. Joseph HOGG, aged 49; and Misss [sic] Frances Mc.MECHAN, aged 58 years.
At Long Newton, on Tuesday, the 7th inst., Mr. Henry MOUNSEY, aged 54 years.
At Warwick Bridge, on the 25th ult., Margaret, the wife of Mr. John THOMPSON, dyer, aged 33, much respected.
At Whitehaven, since our last, after a long and painful illness, Mary, wife of Mr. Christopher CRAWFORD, late coachman to T. HARTLEY, Esq., of Gillfoot, in the 63rd year of her age; Mrs. Jane GREENUP, widow, aged 75; Mr. James MOORE, aged 19; Mrs. Isabella TOPPING, widow, aged 71; Mrs. Mary THOMPSON, widow, aged 94 years.
At Rainors, in the parish of Gosforth, on Wednesday last, at the house of her son-in-law, Mr. Gabriel THRELFELL, Mrs. Mary LEECH, relict of the late Mr. Daniel LEECH, of Boon Wood, in the same parish, aged 67.
At Brunt House, in Irton, since our last, Mr. Isaac TAYLOR, formerly of Mill House, in the parish of Gosforth, advanced in years.
At Maryport, on the 3rd instant, Mrs. Eleanor WILSON, aged 75.
At Commonside, in the parish of Distington, on Tuesday, the 28th ult., aged 80 years, Mr. James GLOVER, universally respected. The deceased was a native of Scotland, and came in his youth to this country without a friend, and entered the service of the late William WALKER, Esq., the elder, of Gilgarran, who, perceiving his sober and industrious habits, put him into possession of a farm, in the occupation of which, without a lease, he has been continued by the successors of Mr. WALKER, nearly 50 years, an example to his neighbours for industry, sobriety, and honesty.
At Workington, since our last, Mr. William BOYD, aged 69; John, son of Mr. John BENSON, aged 24 years; Mr. Robert FELL, for many years superintendant of the Low Shipbuilding-yard, aged 80 years; Eleanor, the wife of Mr. William MURPHY, aged 58; Mrs. Bridget MUSGRAVE, widow, aged 76; Mr. Charles M'KITTEN, aged 40; Isaac, son of Mr. William CARR, aged 15 months.
Lately, at Wigan, shortly after her confinement, Mrs. BROWN, sister of the Rev. Edward GLASSBROOK, catholic pastor of Workington.
At Gillcrux, on Monday, the 27th ult., after a few hours illness, Jane, the wife of Mr. William PERRY, Blacksmith, aged 25 years.
At Barkbeth, in Bassenthwaite, near Keswick, suddenly, at an advanced age, on the 24th ult., Ann, relict of the late Mr. Thomas EWART.
At Thornthwaite, near Keswick, on the 2nd inst., Mrs. Barbara POSTLETHWAITE, in the 24th year of her age.
In the Island of Jersey, on the 11th of February, Humphrey MESENGER, Esq., formerly of Moss, near Wigton, in the 75th year of his age.
At Broughton, near Cockermouth, on Monday the 6th inst., of inflammation of the bowels, William, the second son of the Rev. J. WHITRIDGE, aged 16½ years. He had endeared himself to his friends and relatives by his amiable disposition; to his parent he has left a testimony of his Christian character of the most consolotary disposition, which must tend to alienate their grief on the removal of a youth of so much promise.
In London, on Thursday week, very suddenly, aged 32, Eleanor, the beloved wife of Mr. James COULSON, formerly of Longtown, and now collecting clerk in the firm of Charles SMITH, Esq., 203, Upper Thames-street. Her kind and benevolent disposition endeared her to a numerous circle of friends and acquaintances, by whom she is deeply regretted.