Army Contracts
Office of Ordnance, Pall Mall,
4th September, 1844

Notice is hereby given to all persons desirous of contracting to supply meat, bread, oats, and forage, to her Majesty's Land Forces (Bread and meat for the Foot Guards generally, and for the Household Cavalry in Middlesex excepted) in Cantonments, Quarters, and Barracks, in the Counties of England severally, in Wales, in North Britain, in the Isle of Man, and in the Channel Islands, for six months from the 1st November next, inclusive; and also, straw for Paillasses, at the several barracks and ordnance stations in Great Britain and the Channel Islands, for One Year, from 1st November next.
That proposals in writing, addressed to the Secretary to the Board of Ordnance, sealed up and marked on the outside Tender for Army Supplies, will be received at the Ordnance Office, Pall Mall, on or before Thursday, the Tenth day of October next; but none will be received after eleven o'clock on that day.
The Correspondence relating to the Contracts for Commissariat Supplies, cannot pass free from postage.
Persons who make Tenders, are desired not to use any forms but those which may be had upon application at the Office of the Secretary to the Board of Ordnance in Pall Mall.
By Order of the Board, R. BYHAM, Secretary