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KEARSLEY'S original widow WELCH'S female pills, so long and justly celebrated for their peculiar virtues, are strongly recommended to the notice of every lady, having obtained the sanction and approbation of most gentlemen of the medical profession, as a safe and valuable medicine in effectually removing obstructions, and relieving all other incoveniences to which the female frame is liable, especially those which, at an early period of life, frequently arise from want of exercise and general debility of the system; they create an appetite, correct indigestion, remove giddiness and nervous headache, and are eminently useful in windy disorders, pains in the stomach, shortness of breath, and palpitation of the heart; being perfectly innocent, may be used with safety in all seasons and climates.

It is necessary, owing to the numerous imitations, to inform the public that KEARSLEY'S is the only original and genuine medicine of this description ever made, and has been prepared by them for more than fifty years!!  Purchasers are particularly requested to remark, that as a testimony of authenticity, each Bill of Directions contains an affidavit, and bears the signature of "C. KEARSLEY", in writing, also engraved on the Government Stamp, and each box is wrapped in white paper.

Sold, wholesale and retail, by J. SANGER, 150, Oxford-Street, London; also by CHARLES THURNAM, Carlisle, and by most respectable Medicine Venders in town and country, at 2s. 9d. per box.