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At present there are practicing in England and Wales, 13,000 attorneys.  
They have contributed, in stamps for their articles, to the revenue,
£1,500,000; for their certificates, £100,000 more besides their annual

A young girl name KENDALL, who lived by shirt marking, drowned herself in
London last week, being rendered desperate by poverty and the dread of her
landlord.  It was proved on the inquest that she only received five
farthings per shirt.

The young MARQUIS OF CHANDOS attained his majority on Tuesday last, the 10th
of September.  Great rejoicings took place at Stowe, the ancient seat of the
DUKE OF BUCKINGHAM and other places where the noble Duke has estates.

The Northampton Courier, U.S. says, that 40,207 pounds of maple sugar were
made in Chesterfield the last spring.  Allowing eighteen pounds to each
inhabitant, there would remain a surplus of twenty thousand pounds.

"I ain't going to be called printer's devil any longer-no more I ain't,"
exclaimed our imp the other day in a terrible pucker.  "Well, what shall we
call you?"
"Call me typographical spirit of evil, if you please-that's all" - American

Mr. WILLIAM HARVEY, of Beedleston, Aberdeenshire, has given the sum of
£6,500 for the purpose of founding an institution for the education of the
deaf and dumb, and another for the reclaiming of females of dissolute
habits, disposed to abandon their wretched mode of life.

As a gentleman was, sometime since, passing through Tyndall's park, about
the middle of the day, he saw a shoemaker's lad coolly milking a cow into a
new pair of boots, which he was taking home to a customer at Clifton. -
Bristol Gazette

Lime spots on woollen clothes may be completely removed by strong vinegar.  
Fruit stains on black silks may be ob**** by the application of ammonia,
spirit of h*rtshorn.

It was decided in the Court of Bankruptcy, a few days since, that there is
no such legal avocation as a "Surgeon-dentist,"  The proper phrase is, it
seems, "trader".

The council of Gorns, in the Valais, has issued a decree prohibiting the
wearing of white hats in that canton, as they are regarded as a rallying

A company has been established in Paris for the assurance of horses and
vehicles employed in the streets, against damages which they may either
inflict or receive.

The Porte has granted to the Greek Church permission to build a chapel over
the Holy Sepulchre, to the exclusion therefrom of the Roman Catholics.

The late Dr. DALTON was the first and only Quaker upon whom the honour of
Doctor of Laws was conferred by the University of Ox,ord (yes, the paper has
a comma as the third letter)

A French artist is said to have perfected a mixture of porcelain clay and
some mineral substance as a substitute for iron on railways.

The Te Deum has been celebrated in the chapel of Neuilly, before the whole
French court, in honour of the late victories in Africa.

Letters from Tunis state, that the Rey has permitted the free export of corn
for sic months, by vessels of all nations.

The Irish Repeal Association have forwarded a donation of twenty-five pounds
to the Duncombe testimonial.

The Germanic Diet closed its sittings on the 31st ult., after deciding that
it should re-assemble on the 5th of January.

It is said that two crowned heads - the Kings of Denmark and Bavaria - have
subscribed to the teetotal pledge.

A man who spends ninepence per day in drink, &c., squanders in fifty years
nearly two thousand pounds!

On Monday week the Soho steamer brought from Antwerp, 2,000 baskets of

King Louis Phillippe will complete his 71st year on the 6th of October next.