JOHN LIGNUM & Son's anti-scorbutic drops, lotion and ointment

This medicine will be found of great service for scorbutic complaints in their various forms, as pimples, scaly eruptions, intolerable itching of the skin, scald head, blotches of various colours, ulcerated legs, &c.

As a remedy for scorbutic complaints in their various forms, the antiscorbutic drops have maintained their reputionation for upwards of fifty years.

These drops are sold in moulded square bottles at 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., and 11s. each, by JOHN LIGNUM and Son, Surgeons, &c., Windmill Street (Bridge Street,) Manchester.  Sold also by C. THURNAM, Carlisle; RANKIN, Kilmarnock; NELSON, BAXTER, Glasgow; RAMSAY, ALLISON, Penrith; BRANTHWAITE & SON, Kendal; JACKSON, Lancaster; COPELAND, ADDISON, Preston; SCOWCROFT, Bolton; BLACKWELL & Co., Newcastle; DAVISON, Al*wick; CARR, Berwick; TEMPLE, SHIELD and Co., North Shields; and all respectable medicine venders.
Of whom also may be had, Mr. Lignum's Improved Vegetable Lotion, for all scorbutic eruptions, price 2s. 9d., duty included.
Mr. Lignum's scurvy ointment may now be had of the above agents, price 1s. 9d. each pot, duty included.
Mr. Ignum's pills for the venereal disease, price 2s. 9d. each box.