Lowther, near Penrith, Westmorland

Extensive and important sale of improved pure bred short-horned, and other

Mr. JOHN SARGINSON begs to inform the nobility, gentry, and agriculturists
generally, that he has been honored with instructions to sumbit to public
competition, without reserve (duty free) on Friday and Saturday, the 27th
and 28th days of September inst., the entire and valuable herd of
short-horned, and other cattle, the property of the Right Hon. the Earl of
Lonsdale; - Consisting of upwards of one-hundred pure bred short-horned
cows, heifers, and bulls, and fifty useful autumn and spring calving cattle,
without pedigree.

Very great care and attention having been bestowed by the late Earl of
Lonsdale, for a period of nearly 20 years, in the selection of animals from
the stocks of the most eminent breeders, amongst which are numbered
descendants from the following first class bulls...(names many bulls).

So many years a resident at Lowther, Mr. S. can with confidence recommend
this extensive herd to the particular notice of breeders, as a favourable
opportunity for the purchase of blood of the most acknowledged fashion in
conjunction with first-rate quality, robust constitution, great inclination
for dairy, and aptitude for grazing purposes:  - In a word, taken as a
whole, this herd will be found on inspection to possess merits seldom
equalled by any that have yet been offered for public competition.

Catalogues may be had gratis on application to Mr. BENN.

Lowther, Westmorland, Sept 16, 1844