CANDLES superior in their burning qualities to the finest wax are now
retailed throughout the country at one shilling per pound.
Parties who are in the habit of burning two tallow mounds of four to the
pound, are respectfully requested to make the experiment, whether a single
"PRICE'S patent candle" of six to the pound will not give more light; and
whether therefore these candles do not afford a cheaper source of light than
the commonest tallow ones, notwithstanding the difference in price per
Care must be taken to ask for them in the shops under the name given above,
as there are some imitations sold under the name "composite", by which
PRICE'S patent candles were originally made public.
The trade may obtain them wholesale from EDWARD PRICE & Co., Belmont,
Vauxhall; or from PALMER & Co., Sutton Street, Clerkenwell.