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"MAIN GUARD" TEA WAREHOUSE, No. 94 English Street,

JAMES RUTHERFORD, Grocer and Tea Dealer
Begs to inform the inhabitants of Carlisle and its vicinity, that he has
succeeded Mr. J. CHARTERS in the above business, where he hopes, by strict
attention, and selling every article at the lowest remunerating profit, to
merit a share of their patronage and support.
J.R. particularly requests those who may favour him with their orders, to
compare the articles with those of any other house, feeling assured that a
trial will ensure a continuance of their favours.  Subjoined is a list of
priced of the following articles:


Good Raw Sugar    7d.
Fine Sugar    7 1/2 d.
Crushed Lump Sugar  8d.
Fine Lump    9d.
Good coffee  1s. 4d.
Fine Coffee (strongly recommended)   1s. 8d.
Finest Coffee    2s.
Cocoa, the 1/4 lb. packets   10d.
Black Tea   3s.
Good Black Tea  4s.
Strong Full Flavored Congou   4s. 8d.
Fine Congou     5s.
Finest Imported    5s. 4d.
Finest Souchong   6s.
Good Green Tea   4s.
Hyson Kind   4s. 8d.
Fine Young Hyson   5s. 4d.
Superior Do.   6s.
Fine Gunpowder Tea   7s.
Finest Pearl-Leaf Gunpowder   8s.
Mixed Tea   4s.
Good Do.   4s. 8d.
Fine Do., a mixture of very fine Teas   5s. 4d.

Dunlop, Lancashire, Cheshire, and Stilton Cheeses, from the first Dairies.

94, English Street, Sept. 18, 1844