In reference to a paragraph upon this subject which appeared in our paper
about three weeks ago, and which has excited considerable interest among
naturalists and those engaged in salmon fishing, we have been informed by
Mr. GEORGE RELPH, of Carlisle, that 500 fry were taken in the river Eden, at
Carlisle, in May, 1842; and after being marked above the tail by the
insertion of a piece of wire, were returned to the river.  One of these fish
was retaken in August, last year, in the Solway Frith, at the mouth of the
Eden, then a grilse weighing 5 lbs.  In the case of the fish lately caught
at the Shoreside Fishery by JAMES MACQUEEN, he supposed that the wire was of
copper.  Unfortunately it was not considered of sufficient importance to be
preserved.  The circumstance, however, proves nothing, unless the wire used
by Mr. RELPH had some distinctive mark, by which the fish could not fail to
be recognised. - Berwick Warder.